Why learn web design? Top 4 opportunities to choose a major when you graduate

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In recent years, website programming techniques have undergone many dramatic developments and changes. Because the number of people accessing the internet is increasing day by day. Therefore, many companies and businesses are always looking for potential customers through many sales promotion activities such as promoting and providing products and services on the website.

Is this a potential and fertile land for young people to embark on to conquer? Learn how to design a website? Top 4 career opportunities after graduation? Read the article below of HOSTAGY to understand more deeply!

Why learn web design?

The website maker builds a web page (html page) to display all the information on the browser (chrome, coc coc, firefox used to access the web called a browser). This website needs to be arranged in a reasonable detail, with subtle colors and graphics, conveying all the messages through the visual content built on this website.

By 2020, Vietnam will lack about 400,000 people in the Information Technology industry, that is, each year Vietnam lacks 80,000 people with technical expertise in the field of information technology. Web design. What a potential market for web designers to learn, isn't it?

What will you do to learn web design?

What will you do to learn web design?

After you have taught yourself Web design Or take a web design course, your first job is to create websites with a harmonious, detailed and impressive layout that conveys your message. business owners get the best results. In addition, you will develop and maintain the websites and the operation of the servers to ensure the website is always up and running. You also need to learn new development trends to make your products more prominent, beautiful interfaces and often have to be improved to attract customers.

Organizations, companies, businesses, schools, agents, business units, traders, individuals... they all have the need to use the website. That's why you can see, more and more new websites are created by individual designers, or from companies specializing in web design services.

To answer the question hWhat do you do to design a website?? After studying web design, you can work in corporate companies or any other units that have posted web developers, web designers, IT staff, etc. If you have the skills and expertise You can work as a freelancer to receive contract projects from other companies and businesses if you want to build your own personal brand.

Top 4 areas for learners of website design

Top 4 professions after studying website design can choose

Top 4 professions after studying website design can choose

Website Design Specialist

Online business form is currently a popular business development method today. The sale of e-commerce online through the website can both reach more customers and help save maximum costs such as taxes, premises, labor, ... for business owners today.

Therefore, many businesses will focus on investing in building a website for the company to attract more customers and drive more sales. To do so, they need professional and reputable website designers. With this job, you will definitely benefit.

Web Development Specialist (website Developer)

Web Developer (Web Developer) is considered as one of the attractive professions in the 21st century, this is one of the attractive professions for the question. hWhat do you do to design a website?? Because the salary at the position of Website Developer is rated as high along with the salary increase, it will also outperform other positions. In addition, the work of a website developer is not limited to workspace, you can also be a freelancer or have the opportunity to develop a career at foreign companies.

Website Development Specialist

Website Development Specialist


Programmer (Developer) is also known as "software engineer". This is one of the jobs that requires you to use many different programming languages ​​to create a complete website. And this is also a job that requires a lot of creativity as well as skills in assessing, analyzing project data and providing solutions for designing, building and maintaining computer programs. .

It can be considered, industry programmer as a "Maestro" is the person who conducts the entire band (programming code) to create a perfect piece of music for the audience (computer software).

Therefore, the salary of programmers (Developer) is not low and it is easy to increase salary according to each person's level. With this profession, after you finish studying web design, you can also apply for interviews at IT positions of software design companies, technology companies or IT departments of commercial companies. , technology…

Mobile Application Development Specialist

Today is the digital era, the smartphone and tablet industry has completely changed the way of working and simple activities before so much. From the exchange of information, transactions, entertainment or business, are greatly supported by many mobile application platforms such as Google's Android or Apple's iOS, which will continue to improve product quality. , so that will also provide many job opportunities for those who website design in particular, mobile application developers in general.

Mobile app programmer

Mobile app programmer

If you are really good at your profession as well as having good foreign language skills, your future is very likely to be accepted to work at today's major software companies such as Apple, Google, etc. with a very attractive salary.

Hope the above article will help you better understand the question hWhat do you do to design a website?? soon map out for themselves a path and more specific goals on the path of their career development. This is one of the very developed professions in today's digital age, so there's nothing that you can't be confident about, right? Good luck!

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