What is viral marketing? How to Create an Impressive Viral Marketing Campaign

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Viral Marketing, also known as viral marketing is a term that is used a lot in this day and age when people want to refer to a successful PR campaign that receives a lot of attention and attention from many people in a way. natural” without having to resort to too many other advertising techniques. Then What is Viral Marketing?, did you know? Let's HOSTAGY Find out more in the following article.

What is Viral? What is Viral Marketing?

What is Viral?

Viral is essentially a virus! And you know, viruses, they have the ability to spread from person to person at an extremely fast rate. This is also an important goal that all Viral Marketing people want to achieve.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a description of communication strategies that encourage an individual to share and further spread marketing messages to others, creating an exponential growth potential through various channels. marketing communication aimed at achieving some goal about a brand or sale. Like a virus, well viral marketing Take full advantage of rapid replication to create an explosion of messages to thousands and millions of people.

What is Viral Marketing?

What is Viral Marketing?

How does viral marketing work?

Viral marketing It's actually very simple to do. You need to create compelling videos or content then put it on the internet and plan all the first steps to make it go viral.

Next, what you need to do is wait for users to continuously share that content. To achieve the best effect, you can also combine it with Inbound Marketing to maximize the effect received after every viral campaign.

In some cases, this transmission can happen by chance. From a video uploaded by a certain individual and it suddenly became popular and started spreading widely everywhere and became a famous internet phenomenon.

The viral video of many famous brands is usually divided into 2 types:

  • Brands displayed: When watching viral videos, users are aware from the very first moments that what they are watching is advertising.
  • Brands are hidden: In each video, the business' branding is hidden and only revealed later.

However, if you apply a viral video type with a hidden brand, it is most important that you be very careful not to let users feel that they have been cheated because sometimes viral video campaigns can cause problems. its counterproductive.

No matter which technique you choose, you shouldn't spam too much, nor go overboard in sharing that content. Instead of repeating the same message over and over again, it's best to find the right place and time to deploy your marketing campaign to achieve optimal results.

How does Viral Marketing work?

How does Viral Marketing work?

After all, every marketing strategy is based on a core principle: Send the right message to the right people at the right time!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of viral marketing?

Advantages of Viral Marketing

  • Save cost, budget
  • Build a brand for each business effectively
  • Greater reach of customers, larger markets
  • Increase brand awareness quickly

Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

  • Can cause negative reputation for each product, service, as well as the brand of the business
  • It is quite difficult to build a loyal customer file

Factors for Viral Marketing campaign to spread impressively

The core value of creating viral content must come from understanding users. Because they themselves will replace other tools to spread your entire message to more people. If the doer Viral Marketing If you don't understand the user well, it will be difficult to touch emotions and make them share. To do this, you need to know which factors are likely to influence user behavior.

Useful and unique content

Viral marketing method 1977

Viral marketing method 1977

Example: On how to build novel content from 1977 Vlog

Near the end of 2019 there was a sudden appearance of a comedy video production team on YouTube channel called 1977 Vlog. With just one video posted, this channel has earned more than 100,000 subscribers in just a few days. The factor that makes this video highly viral and that many people pay attention to is the way to build new content. By adapting the texts of famous Vietnamese literary works into short videos presented in the form of old movies in a humorous and funny direction interspersed with prominent trends from time to time.

Fascinating content that is useful, highly valuable to users is the most viral type of content. Because they want their relatives and friends around them to be able to read this content. Therefore, depending on each product or service, you should provide useful information content for users.

However, you also need to make sure this is the content that you create first, will not be duplicated with any existing content on the market. Or if the information is already there, you need to approach it in a new direction. Because if you imitate or repeat existing ideas, you will lose brand value in the hearts of customers

Content conveys emotions

Emotion is the key to this success. Whether negative or positive, they all receive the same amount of attention from users. It's important to know what kind of emotion is right for your brand. To be able to do this, the Viral Marketing campaign will become more viral.

Moreover, the emotions in each campaign Viral Marketing given must reach the peak of emotions then stimulate user action. The kind of half-hearted emotion, very difficult to create Viral.

Support from multiple communication channels

Support from multiple communication channels

Support of media channels

The current explosion of social media has contributed in no small part to increasing the virality of more successful marketing campaigns. As users will spend more of their time participating in forums or surfing social networks, the chances of sharing also increase.

Today's major Social Media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Blog ... are the main communication channels that have contributed to bringing all your content to more customers. A huge advantage is that it is completely free and freely shared by users.


So here are all the shares to help you understand What is Viral Marketing?? As well as can bring outstanding Viral Marketing campaigns for your reference. It can be seen that with Viral Marketing campaigns that have a strong spread in the community in today's era. Hope this will be useful information HOSTAGY I want to share with readers so that readers can answer questions Viral Marketing What is and can help your business' marketing campaigns be more successful.

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