What is UI UX? What is UI, UX design?

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Currently, UI and UX design technology is one of the popular web design technologies that has been used by many companies to make websites for many businesses. This is also the web design trend that is expected to continue to be popular and developed in early 2018. What is UI UX?? What are the tasks of a UX UI like? Together HOSTAGY Find out in this article!

What is UI UX?

The concept of UI

UI is an acronym for User Interface means user interface. In a simpler way, UI includes everything that the user can see when entering a website such as: colors, layout arrangement, what fonts the web/app uses, images on Is the website attractive or not…

In the design, UI plays the role of an element that helps to convey messages from designers, service providers, products to users. More simply, the designer will act as a programmer or builder so that anyone can understand and easily use the product they want to convey to the user.

What is UI UX?

What is UI UX?

The concept of UX

Abbreviation from User Experience Meaning user experience, UX is the process of creating a product that provides a meaningful experience in relation to the user (or customer). Includes a full range of applications and product integrations combined with many aspects such as: branding (brand), design (design), usability (usability) and function (function) ...

UX people are also known as UX Designers. UX Designer is the work of researching and evaluating the habits and ways that customers often use and then evaluate certain website/App products. The use and evaluation here are simply issues such as: ease of use, convenience, efficiency every time the system works.

Summary: UI is what the user will see, and UX is how the user uses that website/app, and of course a website/app can have a nice UI but a bad UX.

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So what is UI/UX design?

UI/UX Designer are people who specialize in designing user-experience interfaces for each product. It can be the general interface of a website or a mobile app. Their main task will be to ensure its aesthetics and usability for users.

What are the main jobs of a UI UI?

The job of a UI designer

Review and feel

  • Customer analysis
  • Design Studies
  • Branding and graphic development
  • Build detailed instructions for use / plot

Responsiveness and interaction

  • Build prototypes
  • Interaction and animation
  • Adaptability to all sizes of all devices
  • Made with developer
Main tasks of a UI design

Main tasks of a UI design

The role of a front-end person is very important to any digital interface, and is quite an important factor in providing trust in a brand. Interface designers will be users who need to clearly show the brand on their own products.

The job of a UX designer

Content Battle

  • Analysis of competitors
  • Customer analysis
  • Structure, strategy of each product
  • Content development

Build visualization tools and prototypes

  • Build visualization tools and prototypes
  • Check/repeat
  • Planning to develop

Implementation and analysis

  • Collaborate with user interface designers
  • Collaborate with developers
  • Target tracking
  • Analyze and repeat
development planning

development planning

So which UI/UX is more important?

In fact, to compare between UI and UX which is more important is considered quite difficult because they always have a close relationship with each other. There have been many arguments that UX is more important than UI or conversely UI is more important than UX.

However, once you have a clear understanding of What is UI UX? You will be able to easily recognize the similarity that both UI and UX have a purpose that is to create the most comfortable and friendly website for users, from which we can see clearly they are equally important.

Now you must have understood What is UX/UI? then isn't it? as well as the importance of UX/UI in website design. HOSTAGY hopes that through this article, it will help you have a more general and in-depth view of UX/UI in website design. Wish you more success in your work!

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