What is Themeforest? Should I buy Themeforest for web development?

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Over the past few years, WordPress seems to have become the best Web building platform for those of you who don't have much experience in Web programming. Among them must be mentioned ThemeForest, is an ideal place for you to choose Premium WordPress Themes (premium), quality with the best features. So What is ThemeForest?? Should I buy ThemeForest to build a website? Together HOSTAGY Study this topic today.

What is ThemeForest?

Themeforest is a system that provides the largest available website interface templates in the world today, is an address for developers to sell some of their products such as wordpress theme, magento theme, joomla template, template html, blogger templates…

In a word, this is like a classifieds market for the webmaster community where the process of buying and selling and developing their products takes place. All products listed for sale here have been tested for quality, as well as must meet basic standards, so they do not mean they can be sold.

Themeforest is the place to sell website templates

Themeforest is the place to sell website templates

What is Envato Market?

Envato Market is actually one of the largest digital product markets in the world. Is an ideal place for those who work on the Internet with the creation of digital products such as software, graphics, images, videos, etc.

In Envato includes subcategories such as:

  • ThemeForest: The place to sell products related to the Web, mainly Theme WordPress.
  • Codecanyon: Where to sell WordPress plugins
  • Videohive: For the Video field
  • Graphicriver: For the field of graphics
  • Audiojungle: For the music industry
  • Photodune: Gallery of photos taken from photographers around the world
  • 3docean: 3D design products

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Popular themes are available on Themeforest

With some famous themes selected by the criteria of good quality, many features, ease of use & most importantly, the price is quite suitable for newbies. Some famous themes like:

  • Newspaper: from the supplier tagdiv with more than 93k sales, is an ideal place to make Website News, Magazines, Personal Blogs
  • Flatsome: from UX-themes with more than 121k sales, used by many customers as a sales website because of its beautiful and professional interface.
  • Bridge: from QODE with more than 134k sales, it can fully meet any Website making purpose. There are more than 470 demo samples for you to test with 1 click
  • XTheme: from Themeco with more than 210k sales, chosen by many for its compactness as well as its delicate & unique interface.
  • The7: from Dream-theme with over 183k sales, it has a pretty cheap price and lots of premium plugins included like WPBakery Page Builder, ConvertPlug, and Yellow Pencil,..
  • Open: by ThemeFusion with more than 587K sales, it is also the most popular WordPress Theme on Top 5 in the world
  • Voice: from Meks with over 7.3k sales and absolute 5 star reviews by users. This is also the lightest news theme I know
Diverse many famous themes for you to choose

Diverse many famous themes for you to choose

Buying themes on themeforest is diverse, easy and safe

Product with many features

In fact, there are very few brands Theme WordPress Which is comparable to ThemeForest in terms of features.

Each product has from a few dozen to a few hundred custom skins, which makes it easy to build beautiful interfaces. But in return you have to spend more time learning.

With a Multi-Purpose Theme you can make any website interface from many different industries. This is also the reason that many newcomers choose ThemeForest to save money.

Comes with many plugins on each product

Surely many of you are looking to buy themes on Themeforest because “great bargain” this. Due to being in the same system of Envato, themes on ThemeForest are often integrated with many Premium plugins on codecanyon.

For example, the The7 theme for $39 you own up to 6 premium Codecanyon plugins with a total value of up to hundreds of dollars.

This has really been very beneficial compared to buying each product individually, besides the features are also seamlessly integrated with each other without fear of conflict or incompatibility issues between products.

Various prices

Unlike many specialized providers where almost every Theme is the same price. Mythemeshop normally will cost $69, Studiopress costs $129.

This has sometimes made it more difficult for you to choose the right product for your budget. Fortunately at ThemeForest you will easily find yourself a Theme with many different prices.

have a good price

have a good price

Usually, from just $19, you already have a copyrighted theme with a range of premium features. However, in my opinion, good Themes at ThemeForest will usually be priced at price from $39-$69. So when choosing to buy Theme here you should also choose in this segment.

Do not be greedy for products that are too cheap, sometimes the quality is not good and then you give up regretfully.

Lifetime License

Another huge advantage of ThemeForest is that it has Lifetime policy for all products.

This means that when you buy a Theme you only need to pay once and will enjoy automatic updates for life instead of having to renew every year to get automatic update options.

Product management via License key

Like many other modern WordPress Theme brands, the products on the Theme today will almost always support product management via License Key.

How to buy themes on themeforest

How to buy themes on themeforets is also very simple for you to choose, you just need a visa master card or maybe a paypal account to be able to successfully buy products here. How to buy is as follows:

Step 1: Choose the theme you want to buy

Step 2: Register your personal information

Step 3: Choose a payment method and proceed to pay

Step 4: After payment is complete, you will be allowed to download the theme to use

ThemeForest in particular or Envato Market All in all, this is a great place to buy themes, plugins, and many other products for your projects. Although you can choose from many beautiful themes on Themeforest, there are still many other theme marketplaces, or many famous theme brands that are not sold on ThemeForest. You should also consider carefully when buying themes, plugins… for your website or blog.

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