What is standard SEO article? Important things to know

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What is standard SEO article? is a type of article that optimizes content according to searcher insights and optimizes the frequency of the main keywords and related sub-keywords on the website with SEO techniques. When users search for this keyword on the Google search engine bar, the standard SEO article will have a higher ranking in the search results page. So, today, let's find out more details about standard SEO articles with HOSTAGY!

What is standard SEO article? The correct definition of standard SEO articles

What is an SEO Standard Article? We think this is a very simple question but if we do not understand exactly or fully grasp the requirements of this industry, it is very difficult to do it successfully. With an SEO standard article is one of the technical concepts of expertise in the SEO industry, they are presented in the form of articles that are optimized both in terms of content and presentation surface - in order to meet the needs of customers. Optimizing the frequency and position of the website appearing on the search engine bars.

What is an SEO standard article?

What is an SEO standard article?

Things to do to write a What is standard SEO article?? No matter what job you do, when you have a standard workflow, it will automatically become much more convenient. According to what HOSTAGY has researched and synthesized, our standard SEO article writing process includes 5 steps:

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Find out what market and niche SEO articles serve

Market research is a mandatory starting point for SEO projects in particular and marketing in general. Just think about the main audience that your products/services will serve their needs. Learning in detail about the habits, interests, and demographics of these target groups will help you map out the right SEO strategies. Besides, you should also learn about your direct competitors as well.

Research and select appropriate keywords

When writing articles for SEO standards, each page on the website will be associated with 1 and only 1 unique keyword (called the main keyword). This keyword is the bridge to lead customers to your website quickly. It can be said that the main keyword is the soul of every article, so you should choose keywords carefully. The selected keywords should fully meet the search needs of customers in the most detailed and accurate way.

Find out and choose the right topic for the article to incorporate keywords

Choose the right content for each article

Choose the right content for each article

After you have found the keywords, the next thing in the construction process What is standard SEO article?? The answer is to find a specific topic for your article based on keywords. Let's start by coming up with ideas for what you're going to cover in that article. With the written content, can you insert that SEO keyword throughout the article?

Next, please refer to more information sources from available sources. It is very important to restructure as well as synthesize the content you find.

Writing articles according to SEO standards

Criteria to evaluate a What is standard SEO article? This is probably a question that many "newbies" in the SEO industry are interested in. An article is considered to have met SEO standards when it must meet the following 3 conditions, including:

  • The article is written with the correct SEO structure
  • Contains full of useful information, bringing value to the reader.
  • Present the content, the text is coherent, clear, easy to read and understand.

Check and evaluate SEO articles with standard assessment tools

To check and re-evaluate a How to write SEO-standard articles? Completeness is essential to get a standard SEO article. Using other support tools for testing is recommended to be carried out in parallel so that the testing stage is comprehensive and fast, avoiding errors.

So what exactly should be checked before publishing a What is standard SEO article?? Here is a list of suggestions that you should check out:

  • About typos
  • The content is plagiarized, copied without editing content from another site source.
  • The number of words and characters in each article and in each section, especially in the Heading tags.
  • Alternative tag of the images, videos used in that article.
Use the tools for more reference to support writing standard SEO articles

Use the tools for more reference to support writing standard SEO articles

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Basic steps to write the fastest SEO standard article

Step 1: Research keywords, choose keywords to write SEO articles

Step 2: Write a Title tag containing SEO keywords

Step 3: Write descriptions for keywords

Step 4: Write content that shares useful knowledge for readers, so it is unique content that should not be copied

Step 5: Put keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags, ... heading tags have the role to emphasize SEO keywords

Step 6: Bold and italicize keywords related to the main keyword

Step 7: Optimize keyword density between 2-4%

Step 8: Optimize images inserted into the website according to SEO standards: Alt tags contain SEO keywords, caption tags contain SEO keywords

Step 9: Place internal links to related articles on the website.

Step 10: Double check that the entire article is SEO-standard, is the content long enough and attractive enough? And proceed to post.

4 important criteria to have in standard SEO articles

Understand the product/service

Criteria to grasp when starting to write standard SEO articles

Criteria to grasp when starting to write standard SEO articles

Before embarking on implementing the entire content or hire the Team to write standard SEO articles for website. Make sure you or the writer have a clear understanding of the product/service information. That way, the transmission of information will be right with the audience you are trying to target.

For example: A business phone with a beautiful design, you only focus too much on performance, handling heavy tasks, strong configuration... that you gradually forget about weakness. The important deciding factors are: Luxury design, compactness, convenience,…

Put yourself in the role of a customer and act as a consultant to create great content value of the product. This is a very important part that you need to pay attention to.

Voice transmission

Depending on the field and potential customers, the voice expressed through the articles will often be different. For example, if you have a blog that is a place to share all your SEO knowledge, you should use a fun, attractive tone of voice that provides a lot of useful, actionable information that can be applied immediately.

At the same time, using the personal title "I", "I" and "you" will help express personal views and create a feeling of closeness and trust for the reader. On the contrary in cases where you are write standard SEO content For health pages, it is required to maintain an objective, scientific, authentic attitude and avoid using the first person in each article.


In any article, you also need to ensure that the requirements give accurate information, have clear, fast, and reputable references, which will enhance the value of each article more, especially health pages.

This is a huge mistake in creating content and How to write standard SEO articles.

  • Create your own quality content. You can refer to the content of competitors in the same field and other site sources. But absolutely say no to Copy Content if you don't want to be penalized by Google.
  • You can use standard SEO writing tools like Copy Scape to check the content before moving on to the step of optimizing the content in the article for SEO standards.

Ensure SEO criteria

One Standard SEO articles requirements need to ensure the provisions of Title, H1, H2, H3…. Meta Description, Keyword… so that Google can easily Crawl all your data as well as understand your article in the most correct direction possible.

What are the keyword requirements in standard SEO articles?

Basic notes in standard SEO articles

Points to note that many SEO-er must ensure every time they write What is standard SEO article?? Do you know how to correctly use the main keywords in your article? If not, take a look at the suggestions below about the keyword techniques of our company HOSTAGY we share!

Note the first thing you should pay attention to use keywords in a scientific way often but do not overdo them. Normally, the suggested keyword density should range from 1-3% of the total word count of the entire article. Based on the content and context that each of your articles is targeting, choose the appropriate keyword placements to put SEO keywords in. An article, even if it meets the standard of the number of keywords, but the expression is not natural, is not considered an SEO standard article.

Besides, if your article appears too many keywords, Google's technical system will quickly recognize that you are trying to "play tricks" with them and they will immediately stop indexing your website on those articles. write that. Of course, this will mean that your website will not be ranked as high anymore and your SEO efforts will be in vain.

What is the secret to elevating boring content into standard SEO articles?

Optimize content to provide valuable content for readers

Optimize content to provide valuable content for readers

In addition to the main keyword and heading, there are other factors to consider when writing What is standard SEO article?? The last aspect that we want to share with you in this article is how to write content for SEO campaigns.

You should write articles that are attractive, and the right content for the reader and thereby make the reader want to stay on your site more. At the same time, those articles will be favored by Google more than other articles. On the contrary, some people go so far as to under-optimize their content and take it so extreme that it becomes terrible to read or even meaningless.

Thus, for a Standard SEO articles must include important factors such as: the content of the article must be very attractive, the frequency of the main keyword appears moderate, the content must be really useful to the readers, besides, the images and including backlinks to the Reputable site to get more attention.

To be able to write an SEO standard article is probably not difficult for many people, but to be able to write a good and attractive SEO standard article, keeping readers for a long time, it is really not simple but it is not too difficult. difficult. Hope through the company's article web design HOSTAGY provided you with very useful information.

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