What is Social Media? And the most popular types today

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What is Social Media?? This is one of those phrases that we often hear and they have been used a lot in recent years in the SEO field. Social Media is also simply understood as including websites or applications on mobile phones and tablets that share information and have the ability to connect people. With such a definition, is it accurate and complete? Let's find out with HOSTAGY carefully and in detail what social media is like.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a communication channel on social networking sites created so that people can contact, exchange all opinions, share information, feelings, images, videos... With the strong period of social networking sites today, this is considered one of the effective channels when doing Online Marketing.

The Social Media channel Vietnam is used by many people such as: Lotus, GaPo, Zingme, Zalo, and some other international social media channels such as: Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter... Here you will be able to promote your products. as well as receive feedback from consumers everywhere.

Today's Social Networks

Today's Social Networks

The Social Media subgroup includes the following main groups:

  • Social Community: As channels that focus on developing relationships and connecting users with the same interests and interests... Therefore, social communities have multi-faceted interaction functions, allowing users to have chat, connect and share information.
  • Social Entertainment: These are sites or online tools that allow users to have fun and be entertained. Highlights include social game sites, online gaming sites…
  • Social Commerce: is a form of making the most of other online support tools for buying and selling, is part of an e-commerce site, where buyers and sellers can be more flexible in interacting, responding to and share knowledge.
  • Social Publishing: Sites that help disseminate content online. Includes sites such as blogs, microsites, pages for posting images/videos/audio/documents, bookmarks and news sites.

Understand that What is social media? And how important is it that will make businesses have great success in today's competitive market. In addition, on holidays, or Christmas, applying Social media in sales is definitely an effective tool that many brands take full advantage of to hit customers. Let's see what ideas can help brands gain the majority of market share this year-end season through social media channels.

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Functions of social media

What is the function of Social media?

What is the function of Social media?

Many people are still confused and do not understand the main function of social media in today's modern times. Few people know that Social media is always present in our daily lives, making it easier for people to share information quickly and effectively than traditional media before. Understand What is social media?? Social media will make it easy for people to connect with each other, share information easily and also promote various economic activities.

Social media is one of the very best platforms to carry out digital marketing-related activities. It helps to attract, increase traffic naturally and improve SEO position better, thereby helping to increase the prestige and reputation of your business more to build good relationships with customers.

In addition to the economic aspects, social media also brings a lot of social benefits, in part helping the education industry grow more. Because the popularity of the internet is so widespread, now anyone can easily find the necessary information just through a mobile device, or a computer with an internet connection. In addition, the updated social information on social media networks helps security agencies to monitor for timely handling.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?Benefits of using social media

  • 67% of customers will trust advice, and comments, feedback about products/services available on social networking sites.
  • 45% of Internet users regularly create online content (blogs, videos, comments, slides, etc.)
  • More than 1.2 billion blog posts are added every day.

Above is all the general knowledge about What is Social Media?? that HOSTAGY wants to share with readers. Whatever method you use to promote your products/services. After all, the most important thing is to listen to the needs of users, and find insights to customers. Thereby, to be able to invest in the right channels, for the right purposes, and to map out the right strategy and avoid unfortunate risks.

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