What is Outlook Email? Outlook 2010 Email User Guide

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Instructions for using Outlook 2010 email with hostagy.com step by step from logging in to the web control panel and creating an account. Using Email Hosting (email under own domain name) on Outlook email platform is extremely simple through the article of Hosting Viet. Let's find out now!

Part 1: Prepare

Make sure you already own a Domain and Business email - Email under own domain name

And created email under own domain name. The required information is: username, password, pop 3 server, smtp server

If you do not have a domain name and EMail Hosting, contact Hostagy to register:

Part 2: Configure (Config) email on outlook email

Step 1: Open Outlook on your computer

Outlook Email under own domain

Step 2: Click File (upper left corner) Select Account Settings (gear image)

email outlook Account Settings

Step 3: Add New Account - Create a new email account

Click New => chọn E-mail Account => Click next

Outlook Email - Add New Account

Bước 4: manually configure server settings or additional server types

manually configure server settings or additional server types

Step 5: Choose Service - Select service type

Outlook email _ Choose Service

Bước 6: Internet E-mail Settings

outlook Email - Internet E-mail Settings

*NOTE: This step is the most important step, please pay attention and follow the instructions:
Number 1: Display name when sending email
Number 2: Email account name by domain name
Number 3: Choose style: Here there are 2 styles pop3 and imap. POP3 is the type of outlook download and delete on the server. and IMAP is synchronous type, download outlook but keep 1 copy on server. You should choose IMAP style
Number 4: Enter email. + Domain name you are configuring
Number 5: Re-enter full Email
Number 6: Enter email password by domain name
Then click next

Step 7: If an error occurs at the "Test Account" step

Outlook-email Test Account SettingsPlease click "close"

Chỉnh Outgoing Server

Outlook email Outgoing Server

Click More Settings => Select Outgoing Server tab => Check the "My Outgoing Server (SMTP)..." button => Click OK

Then repeat step 5. Then wait for the system to send a test email to complete the configuration and login Email outlook

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Here is the article What is Outlook email? Outlook 2010 email user guide. Hopefully, the article gives you a lot of useful information, contributing to increasing the surfing experience. If you have any questions, please comment below so we can help you!

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