What is Hosting? What is Host?

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When you use Hosting service at Hostagy, you will be supported with the following operations:

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Hosting is understood as a place to store data. According to this understanding, Hosting is divided into the following types:
Dedicated Server (also known as private server, physical server) – You rent a separate web server, have full rights to use that server. For large websites, whose visits are counted in the hundreds of thousands per day. Dedicated Server thanks to virtualization technology can be divided into many VPS (Virtual Server), On each virtual server is an independent operating system and can install each Hosting controlpanel separately, each of these Control Panel can be divided. into many different Host packages.
Regarding the cost, depending on the server configuration & network speed, the monthly rental price will be high or low. Rental fees range from 2 million to several tens of millions per month/1 server. popular at ~10 million

Virtual Private Server (VPS – virtual private server) – You rent a private server but this is just a virtual machine generated by a physical server, you are also allowed to do everything but the performance is worse than the physical server. VPS is created from Dedicated Server through virtualization technology. The cost of renting VPS is now much cheaper than before. Rental fees range from a few hundred thousand to several million a month.

Shared Host (should be called host, hosting for short) – Through File management software (or webhosting management tools: DirectAdmin, cPanel...) a physical or virtual server will be divided into several Hosting groups. On Hosting has pre-installed the necessary foundation applications to create and maintain the operation of the website. This is the one you will start using right now because it is easy to use and it is the lowest type of host. But rest assured, Hosting can also reach tens of thousands of people a day, so you don't need to worry about the "health" of Hosting. The advantage of using Hosting compared to VPS or Dedicated server is VERY cheap cost and easy to use.

You will also encounter these terms in Hosting:

Disk Space hay còn gọi là Dung lượng lưu trữ

bandwidth hay còn gọi là Băng thông 

Database hay còn gọi là :MySQL, SQL Server, cơ sở dữ liệu

FTP Account hay chính là tài khoản FTP

Relationship diagram between Server and Hosting

The elements that make up the Shared web Hosting service:

Server & line speed: Each server has different hardware, it's like our Laptop. Powerful hardware delivers high performance. If the physical server is slow, the host is also slower, right? Of course, it depends on how you install and optimize the server.
Capacity: Depending on your usage needs, Hosting needs more or less capacity. If it's just a normal news and sales site, a host package of a few hundred MB to 1-2GB can be run. You can also upgrade to a higher package if necessary. My advice is to leave about 1/2 of the Hosting capacity free, for website development as well as backups to be easier.
Bandwidth: Broadband is also a 1+ for your website. Choose a hosting provider with large bandwidth. Another aspect Bandwidth is the total amount of data transmitted through each host package, so choose a host package with a large bandwidth. Or You can choose Unlimited Hosting (Unlimited storage and bandwidth hosting service) can run on all the most popular source code today.
Support: The support will rarely happen, but if you need support, is the Hosting provider available right away?.
Load capacity There are hosting packages with very good load, thousands of people are online at the same time, but there are also hosting packages for a few dozen people online who reported an error of not being able to access. To know the load capacity of Hosting is often due to user experience. If you do not have much experience, please refer to the reviews and comments of those who have gone before.
The load capacity due to the number of CPU, RAM, IO, EP is set a lot for your host account or not.

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