What is Gmail? What are the advantages of using it?

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Perhaps now Gmail is too popular all over the world with the utilities it brings such as sending and receiving Email, using Google services, etc. However, have you ever wondered? What is Gmail? and who developed it, where did it come from? If you are still wondering about these things, explore the content that I have compiled in this article!

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google, you can access Gmail through applications on Android (download on CH Play) or iOS (download on AppStore), is a service used by many people and The most popular to date because of the convenience as well as the extremely close to the user management.

In which, users can create a completely free gmail account login and use it as a tool to transport / receive email between individuals, individuals and collectives, even between businesses. business with business. Emails using Gmail's service often end in @gmail.com.

What is Gmail?

What is Gmail?

Initially, the allowed usage of Gmail was only 1 GB free for each user email, but now Google has updated it to 15 GB, in addition you can buy more storage for Gmail mine anymore.

Advantages of using Gmail

Capacity storage system

This is quite a prominent feature and makes Gmail different from other services, like HOSTAGY mentioned above, nowadays every Gmail account up to 15G storage capacity has been provided.

Current storage capacity of gmail

Current storage capacity of gmail

In addition, if in case you use up all the allowed space, you can buy more space, delete old emails (emails after deleting will last for 30 days before being completely deleted from your website). system) not needed or used Archive feature provided by Gmail, it can also help you archive old emails that you don't need to delete to reduce storage space.

Connect to many different services

What is Gmail? in another app? With Gmail, you can completely connect to many different services quickly without having to register for an account that is too cumbersome and complicated.

For example, through Gmail you can also access other applications such as Google Play Store, Google Hangouts, Google Plus or even website services, register game accounts, register social networking sites ...

Spam filtering feature

Most of today's email services provide filtering and spam removal functions, but Gmail's spam filtering functions are most effective.

spam filtering, anti-spam on Gmail

spam filtering, anti-spam on Gmail

Gmail can get rid of most advertising messages, messages containing viruses and possibly other spam. Although this Gmail tool is not 100% perfect, but if you compare them with Yahoo, Mail, Gmail is doing much better.

Efficient search function

Compared to Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, for Gmail they have a much faster and more accurate email search engine. This is also understandable when Google is the largest search engine in the world, compared to today, finding email in your account is not too difficult. Gmail's search function always produces highly accurate search results because it can eliminate emails in the spam box.

Offline access function

Another advantage that cannot be ignored is the Offline access function of Gmail. Maybe many of you already know What is Gmail? but still few people know about this function.

You can fully access your Gmail even if you can't connect to the Internet. You just need to install the Google offline extension on Chrome to be able to access Gmail at any time whether you are using the Internet or not. However, with the latest emails, you certainly won't be able to receive them unless you have to reconnect to the Internet afterwards.

Hopefully with some of the information shared through some of the above functions, HOSTAGY has helped you have a more specific view of What is Gmail? as well as its functional features. If you do not have a Gmail account, try to register and use to learn more interesting Gmail utilities in addition to the above information.

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