What is conversion rate? How to optimize to increase CR . rate

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Conversion Rate (conversion rate), abbreviated as CR, is one of the concepts that are mentioned a lot by the marketing community, they are present in every story related to the level of business performance, specifically affecting the effectiveness of the business. marketing performance. This post by HOSTAGY will introduce detailed background information about What is the conversion rate?? and how to increase the conversion rate on the website successfully!

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate is a concept to indicate how “effective” each of your websites is. The higher the conversion rate, the more effective your website will be, proving that your marketing campaigns are aimed at the right audience.

Understanding of Conversion Rate (CR) is that you can determine for yourself the most effective business and marketing directions that HOSTAGY focuses on online. In addition, they can also be used in a number of offline methods depending on effective marketing campaigns.

So in more detail, what does conversion rate (CR) specifically translate to? Here are some examples you may know more like:

  • Call conversion success rate: how many calls to the company's switchboard over 2000 website visits
  • Successful conversion rate of buying behavior (to orders): how many orders have over 2000 website visits
  • Message conversion success rate: how many new messages per 2000 hits
What is the conversion rate?

What is the conversion rate?

Depending on each marketing campaign, businesses can research and analyze customer audiences as well as advertising budgets, and human resources... But there will be different campaigns as well as conversion rates. change differently.

Why is conversion rate important?

Tracking conversion rates will allow you to see the performance of your website or shopping apps, so you can see what percentage of users are already trying to complete their trend. Can allow you to measure the success of each website, or shopping application, and can also identify areas and customer needs and tastes that need improvement.

Improvement is counted conversion rate also allows you to earn more revenue, more contracts in the same amount of traffic coming in.

Suppose that, if you are currently spending $1,000/month on Google ads Just to get 1,000 visitors to your website or app, if you double your successful conversion rate then you'll need to double the value of your ad spend. After a while in business, you will be sure to get the same benefits as the original, you can also reduce your ad spend and invest more revenue in other new advertising programs.

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How to increase the conversion rate on the website?

So when you understand the concept What is the conversion rate? As well as its roles in each marketing strategy, what do you need to do to be able to? conversion rate optimization on your website and sales channels to bring your business the best revenue?

How to increase successful conversion rate?

How to increase successful conversion rate?

Website interface optimization

To be able to stimulate the behavior of customers on the website, you need to impress them at first sight with an eye-catching interface system, a website with a clear and professional layout.

Besides, adding some elements that make customers pay more attention such as buttons, information pop-up frames, videos, animations ... is also a way to increase conversion rates quickly. , easier.

Focus on content, build an attractive and professional content system

Conversion rate what It is also greatly increased thanks to the volume of customers searching for keywords through websites SEO keywords, with the article content. Thus, in order for customers to stay on your website longer, continue to see content and useful information, you need to build yourself a solid, attractive and professional content system.

Use “call-to-action” (call-to-action)

One of the more ways to increase the conversion rate of your website quickly is to use “call-to-action”. Normally, call-to-action will often be used in the following forms:

  • Button buttons call, have colors, design to be reasonable, attractive. Click on the link to purchase or register customer information conveniently
  • Text calls, that is, you use words that you use to call customers to take actions such as calling, contacting, registering for services right away..
  • In addition, call-to-action is also associated with a number of motivating factors, deadlines (such as action deadlines, purchase time limits, promotion periods, etc.)
Use “call-to-action”

Use “call-to-action”

Set specific goals (KPIs)

To be able to optimize conversion rate (CR) faster and more effective, you can also apply the way to set yourself specific goals (KPISs) and based on that and develop marketing strategies accordingly. Once you have a clear goal and plan, your business will quickly get on track.

Here is some information that web design HOSTAGY shared with you about What is the conversion rate?? As well as the importance and how to increase the successful conversion rate. Hopefully, this article will help you have an overview of Conversion Rate (CR) and be able to create your own suitable marketing campaigns.

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