What is breadcrumbs? The importance of website SEO

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Currently, the term breadcrumbs is an uncommon concept in SEO and not all SEOs or SME SEOs know or pay much attention to this term. However, it has a potentially very important role not only for users but also for website SEO. So What is breadcrumbs?? Let's learn about this topic with HOSTAGY!

What is breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs hay (Breadcrumbs trail) is an extra navigation tag on the page they are used to optimize the user interaction on the website (visitor engagement) on the page. In essence, breadcrumbs is a set of hierarchical links that will help users know which page they are on and from there they can move conveniently through different pages on the website.

Breadcrumb Usually will appear at the top of the website, and placed just below the top (Top) or under the title bar or above the headers. They will provide the customer with links to go back to the previous page higher level and easily track their current position on the page. A typical breadcrumbs will look like this:

Home > Categories (or Tags) > Subpages

or it could be:

Home > First Viewed Pages > Second Viewed Pages >…

What is breadcrumbs?

What is breadcrumbs?

Why is breadcrumb important?

  • Favorite Google
  • Increase the UX experience and optimize for users
  • Reduce bound rate bounce rate, increase time on site on the web
  • Strengthen internal linking
  • Better SEO improvement

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Typical Breadcrumbs

Currently, there are 3 main types of breadcrumbs and have been used, including:

Location Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs theo vị trí

Location Breadcrumbs, also known as Location-based breadcrumbs, is intended to show users their current location on the website.

For example: Home > Resources > SEO Guide

Breadcrumbs by location

Breadcrumbs by location

This type of breadcrumb will normally be used and is also recommended for websites that have a site structure that is divided into multiple floors or has a number of floors greater than or equal to 2 (categories + articles). This is considered one of the most popular breadcrumbs today.

Attribute breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs theo thuộc tính

Attribute breadcrumbs, also known as Attribute-based breadcrumbs, have the function of representing the attributes of a page in the website.

For example: Home > Shoes > Hiking > Women

This type is special and popular in e-commerce websites with a large number of product models, with many criteria to be able to classify. For example, mobile phone products, you can be classified by price, by manufacturer's brand, by operating system, or by other attributes.

Breadcrumbs by attribute

Breadcrumbs by attribute

Thus, Breadcrumbs in this case will be the criteria used to classify products, through which users can know which criteria they are looking for.

Path Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs by path

Path Breadcrumbs is also known as Path-based Breadcrumbs. It will show the user the steps or the path the user has taken. This type of breadcrumbs is now less widely used as before because its nature is similar to the "Back" button. In addition, it is difficult for users to know their current position in the website structure.

For example: Home > SEO Article 1 > SEO Article 2 > Current Page

Breadcrumbs by path

Breadcrumbs by path

How to Add Breadcrumbs to WordPress Sites

Here are a few ways you can add these useful features to your site.

  • Using Yoast SEO: If you already use Yoast, adding breadcrumbs will only take a few simple steps. Just login and follow following steps to implement breadcrumbs.
  • WordPress Plugins: If you use WordPress, there are several plugins that can let you add breadcrumbs in a few steps. With Breadcrumb NavXT it's easy to implement and create locating breadcrumbs that you can customize as needed.
  • Plugin WooCommerce Breadcrumb: If you have an e-commerce website using Woocommerce, then consider using it plugin breadcrumbwhich allows you to reformat the breadcrumbs and built-in WooCommerce.

Finally, your WordPress theme or website builder probably has a built-in breadcrumb feature. For example, some WordPress plugins have a breadcrumb option, including Ocean WP. To add breadcrumbs to Wix or Squarespace pages, you may need to manually add the code.

Here is all the basic information related to What is breadcrumbs? but HOSTAGY want to share with you. Hopefully through this article will help you update some useful information, which can be applied in navigating the most appropriate link. Good luck!

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