What is Amazon? What makes Amazon successful?

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When it comes to Amazon, perhaps no one does not know that this is the largest e-commerce website in the world today. To understand clearly What is Amazon?, we should learn briefly about the development history of this e-commerce site as well as some interesting things about it. So, in this article below, HOSTAGY will give you some outstanding and interesting information about Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a global leader in online retail. Moreover, Amazon is rising strongly as a cloud computing service provider.

Amazon's original starting point was a website selling books. Later, Amazon gradually changed and expanded with a range of consumer goods and modern digital media as well as Amazon's own electronic devices, such as Kindle e-book reader, Kindle Fire. … Amazon is a multinational company with activities in e-commerce, artificial intelligence as well as cloud computing, combined with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon is one of the 4 giants of world technology. Currently.

What is Amazon?

What is Amazon?

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, is an American multinational company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. With many fields from selling books online, providing video, audio (mp3), audiobooks, modern technology products such as software, games, apparel, food, etc.

What is the Amazon.com site?

Amazon.com is the main website / e-commerce platform of Amazon. Here all items from sellers from all over the world are listed under each specific sales category. Because of those complex algorithms and the rich shopping environment that Amazon offers, consumers have gradually changed their buying habits. Instead of having to go to Google to search like before, they will directly search for products on Amazon to return the best results.

The Amazon shopping website is currently available in many different markets, major countries such as the US, Japan, Germany, etc. all have different Amazon websites, and there are many items listed for sale on various systems. Amazon shopping siteso Amazon is always an online shopping website chosen by many consumers.

Amazon sites in the world today:

  1. Amazon.com: For the US market
  2. Amazon.co.jp: Amazon Japan
  3. Amazon.co.uk: Amazon UK
  4. Amazon.de: Amazon Germany
  5. Amazon.fr: Amazon France
  6. Amazon.it: Amazon Italy
  7. Amazon.es: Amazon Spain
  8. Amazon.nl: Amazon Netherlands
trang web amazon

trang web amazon

What makes Amazon so successful?

Product variety

If you have ever found out What is Amazon? You will see that the main special thing of Amazon is that they not only sell books but also sell a lot of different items and products.

It can be said that Amazon is no different from an online shopping center when on it you can completely search for many different products from clothes, household appliances, computers, CDs, toys, garden supplies for you. to jewelry, cosmetics… You can buy almost everything.

Focus on customers

That customer is the one who brings you profits, not your competitors. Understanding this, Amazon has constantly upgraded the brand foundation of its shopping website. Thanks to that, the shopping process of consumers has become easier and more convenient.

Some of the main outstanding features show that Amazon always focuses on customers' wishes

  • Gift Ideas – is to give gift ideas for each special occasion such as holidays, Tet, etc.
  • Section Commmunitywhere shoppers are provided with product information. In particular, the customer's sharing will affect the next buyer.
  • Ecard section – allows customers to choose free electronic postcards to send to friends and relatives.
customer focus

customer focus

Do not stop improve

From a small start-up, using manual methods, Amazon commerce site Today, there have been strong, unimaginable strides. In 2015, Amazon officially surpassed the old name Walmart to become the largest retailer brand in the world today. What is Amazon?? Why is this possible?

Up to now, Amazon has more than 175 Amazon fulfillment centers:

  • 110 centers in North America
  • More than 40 centers across Europe

Amazon's warehouse has been highly computerized from the process of loading, packing, unloading to delivery. Thanks to a dense network of warehouses, the delivery process is always fast.

Specific review policy

Besides, another interesting thing about Amazon company That is the evaluation policy, review of each product. The important thing when buying online online is trust with the product.

Understanding this, Amazon always encourages its users to always review and comment on the products they have purchased and used. Thereby, other buyers can know well about these products. Unlike many other e-commerce sites, on Amazon, users always give the most detailed and specific comments. Thereby, when you want to buy a certain item, you just need to read through the reviews to more or less understand the quality of the product.

From the actual knowledge about Amazon that the company HOSTAGY . design provided above, you can understand why Amazon has acquired the online retail market so quickly. Hopefully, through this article, you have a better understanding of What is Amazon?? as well as what makes Amazon so successful.

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