What is a Subdomain? How To Create And Use Subdomains

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If you want to add a website, you will have to register a new domain name, which will cost you about $10 to $20 more for each domain name you register, but in reality, you don't always have to register a new domain name, but you can create an additional subdomain to use at no extra cost. So let's find out with Hosting Viet what a subdomain is and how to create - use subdomain effectively!

What are subdomains?

Subdomain, also known as "Subdomain" is an extension (sub) of a domain name. The subdomain is created for free and it can act as a main domain. Subdomain was born to solve the cost of domain name registration as well as help solve the fact that a company has many business fields, each business field uses a separate subdomain.

If you want to add a website, you will have to register a new domain name, which will cost you about $10 to $20 more for each domain name you register, but in reality, You don't always have to register a new domain name, you can create a subdomain to use at no extra cost.

A subdomain is a second website, with completely separate content, but this is not a new domain. Instead you use the existing domain name and change the www to something else, the subdomain will look like demo.domain.com, forum.domain.com…

Differentiate Subdomain and Rootdomain

Root domain: is the main domain name or is your domain name. For example hostagy.com

Sub domain: Is a subdomain. Include the "sub" part + the dot + your domain name. For example: subdomain.hostagy.com, domain.hostagy.com

cau truc subdomain

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A few small notes about subdomains:

  • - Creating a Subdomain is completely free
  • - You can create unlimited Subdomains
  • - Each Subdomain can act like root domain
  • - Subdomain cannot be used if rootdomain has problem (domain expired, domain name canceled, main domain is locked)
  • - You can create a " * " record to get all subdomains to the same IP by default.
  • - When you want to use a subdomain, please add that subdomain as a normal domain name, this will create convenience in the process of use, more secure than using the "subdomain on Hosting" feature.

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How to create a Subdomain:

Of course You can create a Subdomain from the Domain Control Panel. It is the part that manages your domain name. With each domain name registrar, the way to point is different at each step, not to mention the language used for each domain management tool can also be different. But basically we will have 3 parts

  • - Column "host": contains the Sub
  • - Column "RECORD": is A
  • - Column "Address": is the IP of the Server that the Subdomain wants to point to

How to create a subdomain at hostingviet?

Example of how to point a domain name at Hostagy

Reference: How to point a domain name at Hostagy here: https://directadmin.edu.vn/huong-dan-tao-subdomain-nha-dang-ky-ten-mien-hostagy.com.html

In addition, Subdomain can be created and used on Hosting (depending on the features of each Hosting Control Panel). If you are DirectAdmin You can use the "Subdomain Management" feature.

A small note related to SEO is that all URLs refer from subdomain + root domain Google are counted for root domain.

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Here is the article that Vietnamese Hosting introduced to you to reinforce information about What are subdomains? How to create and use Subdomains! Hope the above article will help you to know the basic knowledge about What is a Subdomain and How to Create & Use a Subdomain. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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