What are templates? The benefits of using Template

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Template is known and used a lot in the field of website design, this is considered a hinge for a website that will help users interact with you more easily. To better understand the concept What are templates? and as well as other benefits that templates bring to you in the field of marketing? Let's find out with HOSTAGY in the article below.

What are templates?

A template is a file that has been built with a specific layout to meet the needs of different uses for one or more documents. These files can be understood simply as layout templates, which are pre-designed according to certain layouts, colors, content, and themes.

Or to put it more simply, it is a Template made from a pre-designed website template.

With the advantage of being "available", templates are often designed on basic layout and popular, can be applied in many fields and many different objects. In particular, for individuals who are not very knowledgeable about design but can still produce media publications and advertising publications, taking advantage of the existing template system is one of the quick solutions. and efficient.

Template is a file built with a specific layout

Template is a file built with a specific layout

What is a template in web design?

Template trong website design is one or more single page layouts often short called themes. In web design, these templates can be understood as pre-existing website templates that are used to specify an interface type or maybe a specific type of website. It's like the website has been built to the full size of the content, images, sidebar ... your job just needs to upload the information to become a complete website of yours.

Therefore, these templates help to keep the overall design structure of a website consistent. It gives you detailed areas where images and text can be placed or items like navigation bars and other elements as you design the website.

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What are the benefits of Templates in web design?

It is because of that convenience that now with the service of buying templates or buying theme wordpress well known. The pre-designed templates are also quite diverse and rich, posted for sale on specialized websites to help support many businesses in business activities, effective marketing is shown through:

  • Templates make it easier for users to manipulate in the web design process. Just download the template to the template and you can completely change the design yourself without too much intervention on code-related issues.
  • Is one of the effective tools for individuals who do not have expertise in web design but still want to build their own website.
  • Save a lot of time for programmers
  • It doesn't take long to think up ideas and layouts for your website
  • Many built-in features come with templates, effectively serving many purposes as personal or business websites.
  • The sample interface warehouse with an extremely large number, diverse in many models, themes, prices ... will help users easily choose a template suitable for the purpose of making their website.
Benefits of Templates in web design?

Benefits of Templates in web design?

Top 5 sites that provide website design templates

Template Monster

Template Monster provides users with more than 32,000 templates with many different themes and layouts for you to explore, choose and find inspiration for yourself in designing your own website. The interface is constantly updated and optimized from the latest trends and besides, it is compatible with most mobile device Currently.

Link: https://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates.php


Colorlib is a site that provides more than 300 web design templates that have been selected and aggregated according to different topics. If you are someone who does not have too much time to search for templates on the large interface stores, you can absolutely go to this address to be able to choose the best-selling models in each time and reference.

Link: https://colorlib.com/wp/templates/


This is considered an extremely large web template interface that is divided into many different categories. Above you can completely find here many pre-designed website templates with complex interfaces, many difficult features at Themeforest at a very affordable price.

Link: https://themeforest.net/

Free Website Templates

This website not only provides users with many free templates for users to download and view demos, but you can also comment, exchange with people who have used the template to learn more experiences ...

Link: https://freewebsitetemplates.com


An extremely diverse template repository, with many different topics for programmers to refer to and choose from.

Link: https://www.wix.com/website/templates

Distinguish Template, Theme, Style, Layout in web design

In web design, with terms like Template, Theme, Style or Layout being used a lot, each such term refers to different parts that can make up a complete website. Therefore, you need to understand their function and operation to be able to easily understand and distinguish correctly.

  • Layout: is the layout of the page layout, the layout of the document presentation of a website
  • Theme: is the theme of the page, of the website to help change the website interface quickly and conveniently
  • Style: is a design style, creating a unique feature and impression of the website
  • Templates: are page layout templates, with an eye-catching and reasonable layout that have been designed to bring convenience and meet the needs of users.
Distinguish Template, Theme, Style, Layout in web design

Distinguish Template, Theme, Style, Layout in web design

Above is the concept of What is a template? and some of the benefits and templates provided in Vietnamese website design. Hope through this article of HOSTAGY helped you to understand a bit more about this term. Hope you can soon design yourself a complete website.

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