What are modules? Meaning of modules in each field

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Module is a term that you have often encountered in many different fields such as architecture, informatics, electronics... So What are modules? What is the concept of modules in those fields? The following article of HOSTAGY will help you answer all those questions, please refer to it.

What is module concept?

Module is a single unit that will form a certain and perfect whole. Each module will specialize in taking on a different position or function but will work together to complete an entire job or project.

Module can be understood in many ways, with different industries it will have a different meaning. As you all know, the word module is used quite commonly today and we often hear it somewhere and they are understood in a separate sense.

What are modules?

What are modules?

For example: In a company A, there are divided departments such as: human resources department, accounting department, sales department, IT department, technical department ... each of these rooms is considered as a module, combining all modules. will create a business.

Module meaning in each field

Modules in the field of electronics

In the field of electronics, modules are considered as electronic components such as transistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors .. mounted on a certain board to perform various supporting functions to help the apparatus. become complete.

For example: wifi module (wifi receiver), 12v relay module (switch to close the circuit).

Modules in the field of architecture - construction

What are modules?? How about in the construction industry? In the construction industry, a module is a conventional unit used to measure the dimensions of structural parts and architectural faces together, in order to complete these parts, they can exchange and support each other. .

This is a process of selecting and researching typical sizes so that they can be unified in construction, minimizing size patterns as well as unwanted changes in the construction process. .

Modules in the construction

Modules in the construction

Modules in teaching

In teaching, a module is a unit, an independent teaching program, specially structured (contains all teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods and a system of assessment tools…) in order to serve learners, the modules will be connected together to create a complete and independent entity.

Modules in the field of informatics

What are modules in programming? A component that holds a specific task in a particular software, computer or system.

In programming, the module will be in the form of lines of code, and for a software like Software, the module is also considered a compiled. It will be in the form of files such as .exe, .com, .dll, .crab… or when separated in data form will be as follows .dat, .txt, .pdf…

Thus, a module in computing as well as in programming is seen as a unit or a segment that has the main ability to perform its specific functions.

Modules in website design

What is a module in information technology?

What is a module in information technology?

Every Module in the design of the website are assumed and handled a different separate function to form a complete website and they can be disassembled but not operated independently. A website is divided into many different modules:

  • Logo module: this module will help to post company news or other information. News is divided into many different newsgroups and each newsgroup is divided into many articles, when posting an article it will be divided into different headings and they are divided into different newsgroups.
  • Map module: This module will help customers find their way on the map, making it more convenient for users to move, showing professionalism.
  • Search module: this module will have a function to help users easily find information on the website faster, the search module is designed specifically, including: quick search and advanced search.
  • Slideshow module: This module helps to show photo effects.
  • Menu module: The menu module will help visitors to the website go to newsgroups and news content. This module will be programmed in different levels.

Above company web design HOSTAGY shared with you What are modules?? explain what the module means in each field. The above are just some of the professions and fields for reference, because there are many different professions and fields that need to follow a specific module process to perform. Hopefully with the above information shared to you, you will have a better understanding of the module, the meaning of the module in each field.

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