Summary of current outstanding forms of online marketing

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Advertising network (online advertising network) is an advertising network led by an intermediary that acts as a bridge between ad buyers ( Advertiser – advertisers) and ad sellers ( Publisher – web publisher).

An online advertising network is an intermediary system that connects the seller and the buyer of online advertising, helping the advertising buyer to find the areas and websites that sell those ads that are suitable for the media campaign. from thousands of other websites. This form of advertising is now highly appreciated by many companies because it saves a lot of money as well as time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization on Google. Is a marketing process in which your website will be optimized all so that it is search engine friendly which is more known by search engines. That means your website will be displayed on the first results when users search on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing ...

This is also one of online marketing forms that many companies providing services or products specialize in because of its high efficiency as well as safety. It is the most important thing for your website to appear in the top of Google search. Professional website designbeautiful, user-friendly, showing the unique style of your business.

Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing)

Today with the strong development of a series of social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Go, Yume... marketers have more choices to reach the community. When using this form of advertising, businesses will often promote in the form of images, video clips that are capable of spreading and attracting attention and comments.

The interactivity of the page is the outstanding advantage of this type of advertising compared to traditional types of marketing. According to Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media, social media "is not about you, your product or your story. It must create value for the community in which you are. The more value you bring to the community, the more benefits the community will bring to you.”

Buzz Marketing

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Buzz Marketing Online

Buzz Marketing is one of the forms of Viral Marketing (or viral marketing). Buzz Mar will have the task of using rumors to influence the target audience of the business.

Viral Marketing is a tactic to encourage customers to spread marketing content to others. Thereby, so that the products and services of your business are known by thousands and millions of people. And the cost of implementing Viral Marketing does not cost much, but its effectiveness is very high. But this is also a marketing method that will have many potential risks if the products and services of the business are not really as good as the way they are advertising.

E-mail marketing

HOSTAGY believes this is one of online marketing forms that many businesses of you have done as well as have learned carefully about this form of marketing. With you will act as a business, a store owner… and you will send emails to your customers. Notify about new product information or promotions, if your business has a good email marketing strategy, it will bring very positive results.

Hopefully, this article will give you a more detailed view of the online marketing form commonly used today. Wish you can choose a useful, budget-saving method that is equally effective for your business.

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