WOODEN CLS? How to Reproduce CLS In SEO Source link

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How to Solve PHP Errors When Using PHP In The Past »‹ Wordpress Source link

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From DirectAdmin 1.44.1 version pointing up, we have a new feature called Backup Monitor. This feature will help you monitor backup/restore progress when your DirectAdmin server is running backup or restore one or more user at that time. Enable Backup Monitor on DirectAdmin. Check if Backup Monitor is enabled, if the image does not return results, it is not enabled. cat /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf | grep track_task_queue_processes Step 1: SSH into the VPS as root. Instructions to access vps/server to Linux using SSH Step 2: Check DirectAdmin version /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin and To install Backup Monitor, you must use version higher than 1.44.1 Step 3: Enable Backup Monitor configuration on DirectAdmin cd /usr/local/directadmin/./directadmin set track_task_queue_processes 1service directadmin restart Meaning of the above commands: Command 1: Move to the directory /usr/local/directadmin/.Command 2: Configure track_task_queue_processes to 1. You can completely set 2 if you want, with the value 2, the backup/restore tracking process will be more detailed. That's what DirectAdmin said, and I checked it, and it doesn't make any difference.Command 3: Restart DirectAdmin to get the new configuration. Wait about 1 minute and reload the Admin Backup/Transfer page and you will see an In Progress page. Good luck ! If there is an error or problem during the implementation process, you can contact the departmenttech for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact ways:• Contact via switchboard number 024 7303 8088, then press 2 to meet BPKT.• Submit ticket through id.hostagy.vn website.• Live chat directly on hostagy.vn homepage.• Remote support via TeamView or Ultraview. Source link

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As of May 1, 2020. Hostagy free WP Rocket Plugin for Customers who are using Hosting / VPS services. You can install and actively update directly from the Plugin Management Dashboard. What is WP Rocket? Who is it suitable for? WP Rocket is a paid WordPress plugin that caches your website. WP Rocket plugin is suitable for all websites using Wordpress. WP-Rocket helps to speed up the Website by an average of 80%, especially there are sites that have not been optimized, after installing WP Rocket the speed is improved over 900%. A faster website will help improve user experience, increase purchase rate and increase website rankings significantly. Who is the WP Rocket plugin suitable for? Rocket is for all webmasters using Wordpress websites. Simplify the process of optimizing website speed. WP Rocket plugin is suitable for all Litespeed, Openlitespeed, apache, nginx servers... Please note: The plugin you download at the end of the article is the official PAID version, not the Crack version! Do you know the support policy at Hostagy? Hostagy is confident to be the unit with the best support policy in Vietnam as well as in the world. In-depth support, including issues that are not covered by Hostagy services: - Free installation of SSL security certificate. Install enough steps, increase keyword rankings. - Free optimization to increase website speed. On average, the website is 2-15s faster than using Hosting elsewhere. Support anti-malware (read more) - For Cloud VPS & Server, please read more policy here VIEW VPS SPECIFICATIONS DETAILS OF HOSTING PACKAGES What special features does…

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In this article, I show you how to use SSH Key above User DirectAdmin in case you have already generated SSH key Bước 1: Import SSH Key After having SSH Key you visit DirectAdmin => Advanced Features => SSH Keys At interface SSH Keys There are 2 parts for you to choose as follows CREATE KEY: You can create directly SSH KEY herePASTE KEY: If you already have SSH KEY already. Please select this lineThen you copy Public Key and paste in this frame => Create like photo. Move to Tab Authorized Keys To test Public Key imported. Step 2: Use SSH KEY To use SSH Key with Windows and Linux completely different, and you follow the steps below. Use SSH Key with PuTTYYou open PuTTY then click on SSH => Auth. Next, click Browse to find the file Private key created and saved in the steps above. With Linux/MacOS to use SSH key you open Terminal and use the following command to SSH. With the following structure. ssh [email protected] -p 2210 Sample example: ssh -i /Users/sshkeynew/.ssh/newkey [email protected] -p 2210 – ssh -i : syntax to use key– /Users/sshkeynew/.ssh/newkey: Path to the Key file on your computer (replace with your path)– cuong: User DirectAdmin (replace with your user)– demossh.hostagy.vn: Replace with hostname or server IP– -p 2210: Server SSH Port (replace with your server SSH Port, usually default port 22, ignore this option) Good luck ! If there is an error or problem during the implementation process, you can contact the departmenttech for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact…

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What is an IP address? English IP is Internet Protocol which means "network communication protocol" or internet protocol for short. Data is transferred from the source machine to the destination computer through the network. It is the information needed by each network device so that they can communicate with each other. Understanding IP makes it easy to fix problems related to network connections and share data between computers. Sharing of the following article is useful information, contributing to help you easily control IP during internet use. What is an IP address? What is an international IP address? IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol, which is translated as the protocol of the Internet. Hardware devices in a network connection must have an IP address to communicate with each other. Or simply put, an IP address is like the home address of a business or organization using the Internet. The IANA (Internet Numbering Authority) organization is responsible for the management and generation of IP addresses. Then, IANA subdivided and divided into blocks for the countries. This is the global IP address management level. Next, the IP ranges are further divided for internet service providers and companies. >> See more : What is another IP Class C? Structure of IPv4 What are the pros and cons of an IP address? The advantage of IP is to connect information, making it easy for users to access the Internet. In addition, the IP address also supports network management, because each computer will be assigned a separate IP. The disadvantage of IP is that it…

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Currently, some customers using VPS servers with DirectAdmin pre-installed may encounter the situation of not being able to send emails via SMTP. Caused by CFS Firewall blocking SMTP. To use it, you will need to enable SMTP on DirectAdmin in the CSF interface. Method 1: Enable CSF through DirectAdmin interface Go to Extra Features >> ConfigServer Security & Firewall as shown below. At the main interface of ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) scroll down a bit to find the CSF configuration >> Firewall Configuration. Next in this interface select SMTP Settings as shown below. Adjust SMTP_BLOCK from On to Off. We scroll to the bottom of the page and select Change to save the new configuration. Select the Restart csf+lfd button to restart. Thus, the process of enabling CSF has been completed through the DirectAdmin interface. Method 2: Enable SMTP on DirectAdmin via SSH Step 1: SSH into the VPS as root. Instructions to access vps/server to Linux using SSH Step 2: Edit CSF . Configuration We use the following command to open the CSF file. vi /etc/csf/csf.conf Sau khi đã vào được tập tin ta tìm đến dòng SMTP_BLOCK = "1" và sửa lại thành SMTP_BLOCK = "0" Sau đó luu lại bằng lệnh :wq Bước 3: Khởi động lại CSF Khởi động lại CSF để nhậu cấu hình mới csf -r Như vậy là đã hoàn tất việc bật SMTP trên DirectAdmin thông qua SSH. Bây giờ các bạn sử dụng lại tính năng SMTP xem được chưa nhé. …

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In general, the website is ranking. For some reason You change from domain-cu.com to domain-moi.com and still keep the same keyword rankings is very normal. For Google perfectly valid. A little hint, this is also the trick that many "SEO experts" use to flash, when "starting seo a new domain from zero"! Here is a case of Hostagy transferring domain to Customer, Please find out! The most important factor: Redirect old => new urls respectively Declare webmaster (search console) Move website from domain-cu.com => domain-moi.com Implement replace all old url to new url both in code and database. Including the installation ssl security certificate . Note When Installing SSL Certificate Http => Https No Loss of Keywords Point the host file to test the code on the new domain with no errors. The result of this step is that you have a website running on the new domain name, the content is the same as the old website. If you are not familiar with this part, hire a website designer or simply use Hosting at Hostagy, We support this for free. Point new domain name Point the new domain name to run it officially. Now need to lock the old host / domain name to detect the error (if there is still a connection between the new and old domain) Pointing old domain records as redirect or navigation in .htaccess You can do it either way. But the result of this is the redirect tenmiencu => tenmienmoi. Baivietcu => Baivietmoi respectively. This is especially important In addition, you need to…

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As you all know, Linux (cPanel) or Directadmin (DA) Hosting systems are DEV from foreign developers that only support Latin characters, with accented Vietnamese characters, they are not supported well. , when adding an accented domain to Addon or Alias, it will say "That is not a valid domain". By default the hosting system is not programmed to recognize accented domain names. Many of you have difficulty adding Vietnamese domain names to hosting and don't know how to solve it. In the following article, I will show you how to solve this problem quickly and easily! Step 1: Visit the website that supports converting accented domains to ASCII code IDN Converter Step 2: Convert domain to ASCII code After converting you will get IDN code: xn--nguyncng-mic1655ewha.com Step 3: Addon domain to hosting That's it, it's done. Good luck ! If during the implementation process there is an error or problem, you can contact the technical department for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact ways:• Contact via switchboard number 024 7303 8088, then press 2 to meet BPKT.• Submit a ticket through the website id.hostagy.vn.• Live chat directly on the homepage BKHOST.• Remote support via TeamView or Ultraview. Source link

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PHP is a widely used programming language in the world. And at the end of November 2020, a new version 8.0 was born, bringing users many new features. The official PHP 8.0 version was released with many notable changes that can be mentioned as attributes, union types, nullsafe operator, JIT (Just In Time) compiler and named arguments feature. However, those who often use cPanel will surely wonder if cPanel supports PHP8 or not? We invite you to find out through the following sharing of Hosting Viet! The popularity of the PHP programming language However, in the survey of Redmonk Company (a company specializing in industrial analysis and focusing only on software developers) in July 2020, the PHP language is the fourth most popular. The Stack Overflow 2020 survey for developers shows that PHP is the 6th most popular language. With the latest version, both DirectAdmin and cPanel support PHP8. Therefore, users can upgrade and easy to use. What new features does PHP 8.0 offer? On November 26, PHP 8.0 version was officially released with many major changes. Among them, new and notable features are attributes, union types, nullsafe operators, JIT (Just In Time) compiler and object naming feature. named arguments. Specifically: Conjugate types have the unique feature that multiple data types are held by a variable. The JIT compiler is developed by developers to improve performance for web applications, by converting code into instructions for the CPU as it runs. Argument naming feature brings a lot of convenience to the programmer. Accordingly, developers are allowed to assign values ​​to any…

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