Introduction, Instructions for installing and using SVN Subversion

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Subversion (abbreviated SVN) is a version control system (VCS) introduced in 2000 by the company CollabNet ( This is a very effective teamwork support system.



For client: TortoiseSVN


Cho server: VisualSVN – Server


Website providing services:

What problem does Subversion solve?

* When a team works on the same project, it is inevitable that many people will edit the content of a file at the same time. SVN provides functions to be able to do this simply and securely.

* Subversion was designed with the intention of replacing the version management system Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) is old and has many disadvantages. Subversion can be used to manage any versioning system.

* Subversion is a centralized source code management system.

* Subversion is a powerful, useful, and flexible version management system.

* Subversion manages files and folders over time.

* SVN is like a file server system where clients can download and upload files normally.

* The special feature of SVN is that it saves all changes on the file system: which files were changed when, how, and who changed it.

* SVN also allows recovering old versions correctly. These functions make teamwork much more efficient and safer.

* Typically, the client and server connect via LAN or the Internet. Client and server can run on the same machine if SVN has the task of tracking the history of projects developed internally by software developers.

* Subversion supports quite a few protocols to connect between client and server.

* For example, you can use web application protocols such as http:// or https://, or svn protocols such as svn:// or svn+ssh://, or if the client and server software If you install it on one machine, you can use file://.

* Allowing the server to support which protocols depends on configuration time.


* Subversion is the most commonly used version management system today.

* The benefits that Subversion brings are enormous:

* Help accelerate the construction and development of the project.

* Develop the ability to work in groups.

* Control project changes.

* Easily backup and restore project versions.

* Ensure data security.

* Free to use.

You can view/download the general file about SVN here: Overview of SVN

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