Instructions to turn off Two-factor authentication on Hosting CyberPanel

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In this article, BKHOST will guide you to disable 2FA of CyberPanel hosting

Have you ever heard of 2FA? 2FA ( () does that mean 2-factor authentication aka 2-step security verification method.

2FA is a very effective and recently adopted security method. Instead of 1 layer security before, now you will be protected for sure thanks to 2 "solid wall“. Therefore, users will no longer worry about the problem of losing their account data or their accounts.

But when configuring 2FA with the Admin account on CyberPanel and logging in again, the message "Invaild verification code" appears, although we have entered the correct authentication code, we still cannot login, so this article I will guide guide you to turn off this feature by commandline.

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Step 1: Access to VPS/Server by SSH

Instructions for accessing vps/server using SSH

Step 2: Enter the following command

This command will retrieve the password of the database

# PASSWORD=$(cat /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword);

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Step 3: Get the database name

# DB_NAME=”cyberpanel”;

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Step 4: Proceed to disable 2FA

# mysql -uroot -p${PASSWORD} “${DB_NAME}” -e “UPDATE loginSystem_administrator SET twoFA = ‘0’ WHERE id = 1;”

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You can then check if 2FA is turned off or not with the following command:

# mysql -uroot -p${PASSWORD} “${DB_NAME}” -e “SELECT twoFA FROM loginSystem_administrator WHERE id = 1;”

Will return the following result:

| twoFA |
| 0 |

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So it was successful.

Good luck !

If during the implementation process there is an error or problem, you can contact the technical department for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact ways:
• Contact via switchboard number 024 7303 8088, then press 2 to meet BPKT.
• Submit a ticket through the website
• Live chat directly on the homepage
• Remote support via TeamView or Ultraview.

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