Instructions to change some parameters on OPcache

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In this article, BKHOST will guide you to edit some parameters in OPcache

Reference articles: Instructions for installing OPcache on CyberPanel

Step 1: SSH access to vps/server

Instructions for accessing vps/server using SSH

Step 2: Check OPcache parameters

# php -i | grep opcache

A few notable parameters

  • opcache.interned_strings_buffer: The amount of memory used to store the interlaced strings, in megabytes. This configuration directive is ignored in PHP < 5.3.0. But we're using newer PHP so we'll need this configuration. The default value in Cyber ​​Panel is “8”.
  • opcache.max_accelerated_files: The maximum number of scripts that OPCache can cache. The minimum value is 200. The maximum value is 100000 in PHP < 5.5.6 and 1000000 in later versions. The default value in Cyber ​​Panel is “4000”.

opcache.memory_consumption: Size of RAM allocated to OPcache for use, in Megabytes. The default value in Cyber ​​Panel is "32".
3 21

Step 3: Edit in the following file

# vi /usr/local/lsws/lsphp74/etc/php.d/10-opcache.ini

4 16

Step 4: Edit the parameters you want

5 13

Step 5: Check the parameters that have just been changed

# php -i | grep opcache

6 10

Good luck !

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