Instructions to Change DNS, Change Dynamic IP to Static and Vice versa on Windows

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Changing DSN and IP dynamically - static will be necessary when you need to remove DNS cache from internet provider or config IP in LAN. The installation may be slightly different for each version of windows you are using. In this article, Vietnamese Hosting will guide you to install and transfer on Win 10!

You change IP in LAN, may cause disconnection with static IP settings (usually share local applies). So be sure of what you're about to do, or simply save the IP configuration before switching it to "dynamic".

Don't confuse "public IP" with LAN IP either. The concept of static IP in this article is LAN IP, not static IP public to the internet. If you need a static IP to configure your connection to the internet, then you need to rent a static IP from your carrier, or simply rent vps (Contact Mr. Van 0356958688)

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Step 1: First we have to open the Network Config section

Right-click on the network icon (wifi or wired network icon) in the lower right corner of the screen. => Then select "Open Network and Sharing Center" => Then Click on the wifi name / Network is connected to the internet (Picture 1)

Instructions to change DNS, change dynamic IP to static and vice versa on computers using Windows

Ảnh 1: Open Network and Sharing Center

Next, click Properties From the General window => Double-click "internet protocol version 4" (Picture #2)

internet protocol version 4

Image 2: internet protocol version 4

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Step 2: Change Dynamic IP to Static IP, Change Dynamic DNS to Static DNS

After action number 4 Internet protocol version 4 Profileties screen Now the screen "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties" appear

We click on "Use the following IP address" and "Use the following DNS server Adress" (No. 5 and 6) respectively.

5.1: IP Adress: We enter: (111 can be changed, it distinguishes each device in the LAN. This number cannot be duplicated in the same network)

5.2: Subnet Mask: By default, the system will jump automatically. normally

5.3 Default gateway: Enter (In each machine on the same LAN, the last extension - D range is 1 and the same in the same LAN)

6.1 This is Google's DNS and You can also use another internet provider's DNS.

=> Then press ok button to save new settings. (Picture 3)

internet protocol version 4 TCP-IPv4 Properties

Ảnh 3: internet protocol version 4 TCP-IPv4 Properties

This will change (delete) the Cache from your network provider. It will be very effective when you use the internet, especially for Webmasters, intranet administrators.

If your IP is a static IP (like picture 3), you just need to click on "Obtain an IP Address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server Address Automatically" Then click ok. This is dynamic IP and dynamic DNS.

In other versions of windows, it will be different in step 1. The remaining steps are like win 10.

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    Above is how to change dynamic IP to love IP and vice versa on windows. Next article Hostagy will guide you how to change static and dynamic IP address on linux operating system. On the phone, it is usually used to use dynamic IP (self-granting IP system), in addition You can also use VPN to fix public IP, in addition, VPN is also used by many people for the purpose of hiding the real IP. Hopefully, the article gives you a lot of useful information, contributing to increasing the surfing experience. If you have any questions, please comment below so we can help you!

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