Instructions to backup all data on CyberPanel hosting

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In this article, BKHOST will guide you to backup all website data on CyberPanel hosting

Website data is confidential information and directly affects business activities of enterprises, and this data is not fixed but changes and updates regularly based on user actions or sales traffic. weekly, monthly.. Some important types of data in your website that you cannot lose are:

  • Customer database
  • Information about products and services
  • Pictures, media
  • Article information, URL

Step 1: Navigate to Backup -> Create Backup

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Step 2: Select the website and backup storage folder and then click Create Backup

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After the backup is complete, the following message will appear:

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Next, go to Websites -> List Website -> Manage -> File Manager -> backup

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Here you can download this backup to your computer.

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Good luck !

If during the implementation process there is an error or problem, you can contact the technical department for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact ways:
• Contact via switchboard number 024 7303 8088, then press 2 to meet BPKT.
• Submit a ticket through the website
• Live chat directly on the homepage
• Remote support via TeamView or Ultraview.

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