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You have installed SSL on your hosting, but when you access http://, it does not automatically redirect to https://?. Installing ssl on hosting gives you the option to access the website via https protocol rather than it will automatically switch to https protocol, and this depends on your server. Here I guide you how to convert as follows

Step 1: After Login to Plesk, navigate to the Domain that needs to be converted from HTTP to HTTPS
– In the “Website & domains” section, click on the “Hosting settings” of the domain to be configured

Screenshot 261

When you go to Hosting settings” of the domain you need to configure, you will find it. You find the section: "Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS ", check the box.

Screenshot 265

In case your website doesn't use ssl security and doesn't want to automatically switch to https, you can do the opposite and leave the checkmark.

Wishing you success!
If during the implementation process there is an error or problem, you can contact the technical department for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact ways:
• Contact via switchboard number 024 7303 8088, then press 2 to meet BPKT.
• Submit tickets through website
• Live chat directly on homepage.
• Remote support via TeamView or Ultraview.

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