Instructions on how to use mailchimp properly

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How to use mailchimp Today, with social networks becoming popular, marketing on social networks is also very developed and competition is also very large, leading to large advertising costs. However, to have a traditional marketing channel and be evaluated as the initial investment cost is quite low compared to its effectiveness, which is Email Marketing. Today HOSTAGY will guide you use Mailchimp how to do it properly.

So what is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is essentially an Email Marketing service used to take care of all customers via email of the company and specifically it is a tool to collect email lists (Email List), manage email lists and also send emails. for all customers in the Email list at the same time. And it can also be sent to a different group of customers, and can also schedule automatic mailing.

On the Internet, as it is today, there are many tools to do Email Marketing, but compared to other tools, Mail Chimp is also quite easy to use and meets the basic needs. In addition, you can also send up to 12000 emails for free and manage 2000 subscribers.

How to use Mailchimp for beginners

Register to use Mailchimp

First, go to the homepage of to Sign Up free.

Then you enter the complete information in the box:

cach su dung mailchimp

How to use Mailchimp – sign up

Note: Password you should set

  • Must have uppercase characters
  • Must have special characters
  • Contains numeric characters
  • Password must not be less than 8 characters

After Sign Up After that, we go to Email to activate the account

huong dan su dung mailchimp

Next, you confirm and then fill in your complete information. Then click Continues to continue declaring more personal information.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 2

How to Create an Email List

You select List and then click Create a List

huong dan su dung mailchimp 4

How to use Mailchimp – create a list of lists

Next, fill in the description for the List, then click Save

cach su dung mailchamp

That's it, we will continue to the next steps

Create a registration form to embed on the website

To create a registration form on the website, we select List and then click Stats

cach su dung mailchimp 9

Next we click on Signup Forms

huong dan su dung mailchimp 10

Then navigate to Embedded forms and select Select

huong dan su dung mailchimp 11

Then we fill in the title of form in the Form Options section.

And change the width of the form in the section Form Width

Embed registration form in website and blog

You want to embed this registration form on your website, then find the code in Copy/paste onto your site

huong dan su dung mailchimp 12

Then you put this code into the Text Widget in WordPress or anywhere that supports an HTML editor.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 13

As a result, we have a form for customers to register on our website.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 14

If you want to edit the Form: then go to Signup Forms

huong dan su dung mailchimp 15

Then go to the General Forms tab and select Select.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 16

Next, go to Build it and then you can drag and drop the necessary fields to add to the form, for example, add the phone number field as phone.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 17

If you want to Vietnameseize all notification lines (including activation and welcome messages), then go to the tab Translate It and select Vietnamese language in the Set Default Language section.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 19

How to create an email and send it to a list of customers

Once you have many customers signed up to receive emails, the next job is to send emails.

To be able to email all the people in the list, please click on the item Campaign on the menu.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 20

You click the Create Campaign button according to the arrow.

Now Mailchimp will give you 4 email delivery options. If you only want to send regular messages (notices, newsletters, promotions, etc.), please select Regular Campaign and I will explain in detail below.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 21

  • Regular  Campaign: A form of sending emails in the usual way in text or HTML format to registered users.
  • Plain-Text Campaign: The usual form of sending email in a plain text format, the simplest is just text.
  • A/B Testing Campaign: This feature allows you to send email in 2 different times so you can check the effectiveness of each send.
  • RSS Campaign: This feature enables automated email delivery by automatically pulling data from an RSS Feed. This is very relevant when there is a new newsletter published on your website.

After selecting, it will ask you for the list to send.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 22

  • Send to entire list: send to the entire list
  • Send to saved segment: Send to the list segment you want.
  • Send to group or new segment: Send the group of lists that you have filtered out according to a certain condition, such as a group of male customers.
  • Paste emails to build a segment: Paste existing emails to create a new email list segment.

Then click Next in the bottom right corner of the screen.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 23

Now Mailchimp will ask you to choose an email template that you like and then you go there to edit it as you like.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 25

Then now our job is to compose emails, edit images...

huong dan su dung mailchimp 26After you have finished composing the email, keep clicking Next until you reach this page and then press the Send Now button to send or Schedule to schedule Mailchimp to send itself.

huong dan su dung mailchimp 27


Here are the instructions How to use Mailchimp Basically, you can immediately apply them to your work. But those are not the features expected in an Email Marketing software, the features that are most expected in email marketing are the ability to measure, control, to adjust campaigns based on results. results and responses such as tracking view rate, open rate and click-through rate of links in messages, and re-open rates so that we can measure how interested customers are in that newsletter.

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