Instructions on how to seo video effectively but extremely simple

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Video marketing is one of the fastest growing trends today, especially Youtube. So how to have a How to SEO Youtube videos effectively Also interested by many businesses, how to make your videos on youtube achieve a high search position when customers type any keyword related to your business or entertainment field.

8 steps to have an effective Youtube video SEO very simple

If the SEO work for a successful website to the top of Google is currently somewhat complicated and requires a lot of preparation, ranking time takes quite a long time. Then work SEO video Youtube Putting videos on the top of YouTube page search is a bit easier if you know how to do it right.

seo video youtube

How to SEO Youtube Videos effectively

Step 1: Keyword research

The first step for you to do YouTube SEO is to research keywords. You can use many software such as: ahrefs,… to research keywords on Youtube. Ahrefs software is one of the best specialized software in building and researching competitor keywords

Ahrefs will analyze your entire video to come up with the right keywords. You just need to pass the video Url into the add url section in Ahrefs to get the results right away. tells us the keywords related to that video, and the search volume of those keywords. From there you can write articles to include related keywords in your Video articles.

Step 2: How to write the title of a Youtube video

Keywords in the How to SEO Youtube videos effectively will appear in the title, tag of the video.

  • The title of the video must meet 3 requirements which are:
  • The title must start with the keyword that needs SEO
  • Titles should appear in parentheses
  • The title must have a high click-through rate.
  • To increase the click-through rate here, you should use an attractive title to attract viewers
seo video youtube

Guide to SEO effective youtube videos

Step 3: Build a description for the Video

The description of each video is written right below the video when it is posted. The description of video content development must meet the following 2 requirements: Video description on Youtube must be of quality, real content

The description must contain the main keyword for SEO

The length of the description contains about 1000 - 2000 words. The description of the video will help viewers understand your video better. In addition, you should add a few important links to lead customers to your website.

The description is not overwritten because Google relies on the description to assess the credibility of the video

Step 4: Tag the video

the tag youtube la gi vai tro cua no trong viec toi uu hoa video 1

SEO tag youtube

The tag of the video must contain the necessary keywords SEO video Youtube. These tags will include the main keyword and the secondary keywords related to the content topic of the video. The tag contains keywords, the better for SEO later. The first tags should put the main keywords, the 2nd and 3rd tags are the extended keywords of the main keyword, the 4th tags and on are the hidden semantic keywords.

For example: #How to SEO Youtube Video effectively, #How to SEO Youtube effectively, #How to SEO Youtube 2020, #How to SEO Youtube 2020, #SEO youtube by phone, #how to SEO youtube effectively

Step 5: Post Video on Youtube homepage

Uploading videos to YouTube is very simple. You need to create your channel through a gmail account you have. You should verify your channel to be able to post long videos.

Videos posted on Youtube must always be optimized for content, titles and keywords in the above section. When posting, you need to complete items such as: title, description, tag... You need to avoid copyright infringement as well as get videos from other sources to post on your channel.

You should post videos with a length that makes viewers stay in your video longer, about 9 minutes to 15 minutes in length. Youtube prioritizes videos with long content and self-recorded content over reuploading other people's videos.

Step 6: Thumbnail images are very important

anh thumbnail seo youtbe

You should not take the suggested Thumbnail image (thumbnail image) after uploading a video on Youtube. You should design your own photos with the following criteria:

  • YouTube's favorite colors are: White, red and black. In addition, you can also combine colors: blue, purple and gray.
  • It is recommended to use up to 30 text characters in Thumbnail images
  • Photos must be very attractive, clear and highlight the content to be said in the Video.

Step 7: Share the video on social networking sites

After uploading your video to Youtube, you should share it on other social networking sites. This will increase your Youtube views which will improve many things Seo video Youtube effective.

Share videos on social networking sites that are highly appreciated by Google: Facebook, twitter…. You should share with really compelling content to pull viewers into watching your videos.

Video commenting is also very important, if your video attracts many viewers, likes, and comments, it proves that the video has good content and a good viewer experience. This is a way to make videos rank high on Google.

In addition, you can also embed videos in blogs and websites to promote videos.

chia se video 2

Step 8: Build backlinks

The building of backlinks in the How to SEO Youtube videos effectively Just like building a website. Backlink is the link pointed to your video through offpage.

You can also get backlinks for youtube videos in the following ways:

  • Create quality articles, then insert video links into the article itself. Put those articles on community forums, social networking sites Linkedin, Slideshare, Facebook...
  • Build backlinks from reputable press websites to have quality backlinks. This is expensive so if you have the money to do it, it doesn't matter if you don't, go find other quality backlinks instead.
  • If you do not have a quality backlink source, you can also buy backlinks.
  • Create personal blogs to embed Youtube video links that need SEO into the blog itself. You can embed in the homepage or articles related to your videos.


So I introduced you to the How to SEO Youtube videos effectively in the process of SEO Youtube. SEO work video Youtube It's really not too difficult, it doesn't have to require too many complicated things and it's harder to get penalized when SEO website.

But the core is that you still need to focus on the quality of the content of each video. Then it is the optimization of the rest as in this article. Hopefully with these basic YouTube SEO tutorials above will help you have an overview of YouTube SEO as well as know How to SEO YouTube effectively with overall YouTube channel SEO strategies.

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