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The bottom line for effective SEO today depends on the keyword you choose. If you choose a set of keywords with a lot of people searching and you predict that users of this keyword will have a high probability of closing orders, you will have the opportunity to sell effectively with the lowest cost. To do this, you need to know the most popular support tool today which is – Google Keyword Planner.

So what is Google Keyword Planner? How to use them for SEO most effectively? HOSTAGY will help you better understand this issue!

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a support tool for advertisers who can keyword research correctly get the most number of users searching for that keyword. Thereby, helping them decide the most reasonable and accurate SEO and Google Ads strategies. Almost 95% of advertisers use this tool because of its credibility and effectiveness GG Keyword Planner can bring the advertising effectiveness of businesses.

Google Keyword Planner allows users to know the detailed parameters of users in the world searching for a certain keyword within a month. Besides, it also shows the difficulty of keywords and the competition of these keywords to help you make decisions whether to invest in this keyword or not.

Thereby, advertisers can accurately plan costs based on keywords that they believe can run effective ads with the lowest cost.

How to use Google Keyword Planner for keyword analysis

GG Keyword Planner has a lot of different features for advertisers to use, including statistics, analysis, and surveys. We easy to use this tool, HOSTAGY will show you how use Google Keyword Planner in a simple way!

Step 1: Own an account to log in to use

Please visit this link:

Select “Sign In” and use your Gmail account to log in and use.

Here, you can switch to Vietnamese (if needed) by the following actions: My Account (switch to a new tab) >> Data & Personalization (left corner) >> General preferences for the web (scroll down) > > Language >> select Vietnamese.

Sign in and use Google Banner

Sign in and use Google Banner

Step 2: Set up the Advertising campaign

This is a part that is quite familiar to advertisers using Google Adwords. If you do not need to run ads, you can skip the step of entering the ad price, website name and bank information, enter basic information and go right to the keyword research section.

Step 3: Research keywords

Select Tools > Keyword Planner in the upper corner

cong cu lap ke hoach tu khoa

Choose a keyword planner to start doing keyword analysis.

Select “Find new keywords” if you want to get potential keywords for your website, or expand the keyword pool to run based on existing keywords.

Select “Get predictions and search volume” if you want to be updated with keyword forecasts during advertising and SEO.

tim tu khoa

Enter your potential keywords to check

Step 4: Enter information, complete the final keyword set

If you selected “Find new keywords” in step 3, then follow these steps:

Copy the set of keywords you need to Research if you already have a suggested set of keywords, or you copy the website URL if you want to search for potential keywords. In this step, HOSTAGY will copy the URL to find potential keywords for the website

nhap key

Enter your full key or website URL

The tool will display a series of potential keywords with indicators such as: number of searches, keyword competition, ad impression rate, bid price (min-max) ... And in addition, You can adjust the time in the upper left corner of the screen, helping you to track the data more accurately

lua chon tu khoa

Conduct analysis and choose the most suitable keywords

You can filter more keywords through a simple filter as shown below. Each filter will help you create keyword groups (Ad Groups) to make it easier for you to manage keywords in both SEO and Google Adwords.

loc tu khoa

Filter keywords into groups for easy management and tracking.

In addition, on the left side of the screen there is a “Location” button, which can help you Research Keyword by geographical location to increase Local SEO more effectively.

search theo vi tri

Keyword Planner supports keyword search by location to help you better local SEO.

Keyword research tools other than GG Keyword Planner

Besides the keyword search tool Google Keyword Plannermany advertisers can use the following tools to consult and research keywords from more sources. allows you to use both free and paid formats. If you only need to expand the number of keywords, you just need to use the free version. However, if you want more complete information such as search volume, conversion rate ..., you can spend about 30-50 USD / month to be able to track the above metrics.

keywordio is a pretty good keyword search tool

Preliminary review:

  • Advantages: Can use the free version, expand keyword capital easily, has keyword support on Youtube.
  • Cons: Using it for free, you will not be able to track the keyword index, if you want to download the keyword list, you must log in to be able to. allows keyword analysis with the cheapest fee of about 100 USD/month. This is one of the standard keyword search tools, preferred by many advertisers today.


Ahrefs – The best and most popular keyword analysis tool today.

Preliminary review:

  • Pros: provides detailed keyword metrics.
  • Cons: high cost

Google Search Console

Google not only has Google Keyword Planner but also Google Search Console. This is a tool that will help you check if the keyword status on your website is okay through display indicators such as: Click, Impression, CTR, Rank ... From there, it will help you have an overall SEO strategy. better through adjusting the article and keywords to promote.

google search console

Google Search Console – Is a website management and keyword analysis tool that every SEO needs to know.

Conclusion about Google Keyword Planner

In addition to these keyword research tool Commonly used above, there are many other supporting tools, Google Keyword Planner remains the leading search engine for advertisers with its wide range of features and ease of use in its interface. It provides a complete list of keywords along with the necessary metrics for advertisers to easily track.

Not stopping there, GG Keyword Planner also helps to divide the keyword list by space and time to help advertisers perform Local SEO as well as run ads by geography and time more optimally.

HOSTAGY believes that through this article, you will surely understand more about use Google Keyword Planner as well as other analytical tools.

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