Instructions for Registering and Installing Online Chat Software Tawk.To

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How to register and install on the website. online chat software is the best chat software, lots of useful features and it's completely free!

Watch Video Tutorial: offers a lot of features and is still 100% free!

With You canAll the premium features you'd expect, at no extra cost! There is no 'premium' version, just an all-inclusive version, nothing to pay for. A few extra features, specifically, You can buy more.

Customize widget (widget is understood as the entire content of the chat frame)

Modify the sizes, colors, positions and content of the access widgets to fit your website.

You can even customize the widget to suit your language!

Chat history

See the full history of all the conversations you and your team have had with customers. Your entire chat history is stored indefinitely and you can delete them at any time.

Automated Triggers

Triggers allow you to set up automatic messages based on many conditions, like time, visit a specific page, or perform a certain action, etc.

Shortcut keys

Save time by answering frequently asked questions visitors with shortcuts. Shortcuts are a bigger time saver and allow you to share suggested messages or replies with new members of your team.

for example. Instead of typing "Hello, Welcome to our site, how can I help you?" you can create a shortcut that is simply "/hello"

Many staffs to support is a central app, that is to say, each agent is an administrator of their own account and can be invited to share various 'sites' or 'pages'.

You can add an unlimited number of agents/employees!


You can have multiple aliases, so you can reply to each chat with whatever name you like. Each alias can also have its own profile picture, job title etc.
It is extremely useful when you can chat as "business" or can chat as "technical"

Tacit support between employees/agents

Create tacit exchanges, support your team differently, and assign different agents to each. For example: There is a sales team answering sales chat related, and an IT team answering technical support chat. without having too many people join the conversation.

Website Management

Add as many different widgets as many sites as you like, so you can keep track of where all your chats are coming from. Sign in to one dashboard, and reply on behalf of multiple sites. is an Agent Centric application, so each agent has its own account and can share 'points' with each other. The site has its own customization settings and can have an unlimited number of custom widgets.

Custom pages

If you don't have a website, you can create custom pages (e.g., share links and then start chatting instantly. You can create as many pages as you like!

Guest supervision

Track and monitor your website visitors in real time, watching as they move from page to page within your site. Gain key insights in visitor behavior, and track their geolocation, return visits and more.

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