Instructions for enabling Security Questions in DirectAdmin

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On DirectAdmin, there is a Security Questions security feature that has appeared since DirectAdmin Version 1.43.1, but the most recent versions are 1.61.5, this feature is not enabled by default. It must be enabled by the administrator to be able to use it.

If the user uses this feature on the DirectAdmin server that has not been enabled, the following message will be received.

Security Questions 1

Step 1: SSH into the VPS as root.

Instructions to access vps/server to Linux using SSH

Step 2: Commands to enable Security Questions on DirectAdmin

cd /usr/local/directadmin/
./directadmin set security_questions 1
./directadmin set max_security_question_attempts 5
./directadmin set block_ip_after_failed_security_questions 0
service directadmin restart

Security Questions

Meaning of each command:

Command 1: Access the directadmin directory.
Command 2: Enable security_questions to 1, default not configured or configured 0.
Command 3: Enable max_security_question_attempts, the maximum number of question attempts is 5 (Optional number of questions).
Command 4: Enable block_ip_after_failed_security_questions, will block IP address after many failed attempts with 0 it will not block. If you set 1, on the last attempt the user will be notified that the IP will be blocked if the answer is wrong. And if you set it to 2 then no warning will be given.
Command 5: Restart the DirectAdmin service.

Now let's just check the results to see if we can access: Admin, Reseller (Or User can use it)>> Password >> Manage Security Questions

Screenshot 2 6

Display Security Questions in DirectAdmin.

Screenshot 1 8

Good luck !

If there is an error or problem during the implementation process, you can contact the department
tech for help. Currently, BKHOST has the following contact ways:
• Contact via switchboard number 024 7303 8088, then press 2 to meet BPKT.
• Submit ticket through website.
• Live chat directly on homepage.
• Remote support via TeamView or Ultraview.

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