Instructions for creating using SSH Key Public on User DirectAdmin

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In this article, I show you how to use SSH Key above User DirectAdmin in case you have already generated SSH key

Bước 1: Import SSH Key

After having SSH Key you visit DirectAdmin => Advanced Features => SSH Keys

Screenshot 1 10

At interface SSH Keys There are 2 parts for you to choose as follows

CREATE KEY: You can create directly SSH KEY here
PASTE KEY: If you already have SSH KEY already. Please select this line
Then you copy Public Key and paste in this frame => Create like photo.

Screenshot 5 2
Move to Tab Authorized Keys To test Public Key imported.

Screenshot 6 3
Step 2: Use SSH KEY

To use SSH Key with Windows and Linux completely different, and you follow the steps below.

Use SSH Key with PuTTY
You open PuTTY then click on SSH => Auth. Next, click Browse to find the file Private key created and saved in the steps above.

Screenshot 3 3

With Linux/MacOS to use SSH key you open Terminal and use the following command to SSH. With the following structure.

ssh [email protected] -p 2210

Sample example: ssh -i /Users/sshkeynew/.ssh/newkey [email protected] -p 2210

ssh -i : syntax to use key
/Users/sshkeynew/.ssh/newkey: Path to the Key file on your computer (replace with your path)
cuong: User DirectAdmin (replace with your user) Replace with hostname or server IP
-p 2210: Server SSH Port (replace with your server SSH Port, usually default port 22, ignore this option)

Good luck !

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