Instructions for Backup/Restore in DirectAdmin

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This article Hosting Viet will guide you to create Backup and Restore Data on Directadmin. Backup data is an important and regular job of a Webmaster. This will help webmasters quickly recover data (Restore) if there is an error on the website (eg: Error in the editing process, server hard drive is damaged, hacked and deleted data, etc.) .

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1. Backup data in DirectAdmin (Data backup process)
Step 1: Log in to the Hosting admin page, select Create/Restore Backup
Please do as shown below

Backup Sao Luu Du Lieu click Creat Restore Backup

Step 2: Choose which items Customers need backup, tick and select create backup:
Website Data: Backup website data
E-Mail: Backup Email
FTP: Backup ftp account
Databases: Backup data
Depending on the purpose you want to backup, choose accordingly. Or select all to create a full backup
=> Then click "Create Backup"

2 click creat Backup

Step 3: Wait for the system to backup and compress it into a backup file.
After doing this, the system will email you (This email is set by the hosting provider)
And the system also has the message "Your backups are now ready"

3 cho he thong backup

Step 4: Download the backup version to your computer
When Create a backup, your storage capacity increases significantly. If the limit is exceeded, please upgrade to a larger service pack or delete the old backup, unnecessary files.
To be on the safe side, you should download this backup as a precaution.
Here's how to do it:
Method 1: Click the button "Click here for a list of your current backups" and click on the backup file name (If there are multiple backups, please select the correct date you created the backup). The system will then automatically download that backup.
Method 2: Click the "Files" button on the top menu => We get the same results as step 1

4 tai file

Wait for the download to complete, you already have a backup file on your computer, just in case

Note: in step 3, you have to wait for the system to notify you that the backup is successful before downloading the file. If you skip the "wait" step, you will download the incomplete backup file.

Refer to the Video "Create Restore Backups _ Instructions for backing up and restoring data on DirectAdmin" here:

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