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Hello readers. Today's article, HOSTAGY will guide "everyone" how to remove DMCA report effectively or with a familiar name, send an appeal, DMCA complaint to restore keywords, your article in just 1 to 2 day . If you are an SEOer, the current field of keyword SEO and website SEO is extremely fierce competition. Therefore, many SEO competitors have dirty tricks, or it may be the case that you have accidentally accessed the content of the competitor's website and copied the content on their website. And be discovered by them and they proceed to report your article or website.

What you need to prepare before submitting a DMCA appeal

You can register or not need to register DMCA can handle it. Because you do not need to register for the DMCA, you can still complain and appeal. But in this case the appeal may not be successful. In case, if their website has already registered a DMCA pro account but your website has not registered, it is very difficult to remove the DMCA report. Before dealing with the DMCA removal issue, you need to understand a few factors.

SEOers' dirty DMCA report game

Why is it called a dirty DMCA report?

The reason is simple, when your website is built content with your own knowledge and experience. In addition, all content you write is not copied or taken from any website at all. And now your website is ranking at the top of the Google search engine. Then one fine day, you may be sleeping or burying yourself in work, when suddenly you see Google Console send to your email with the message: Notice about the deletion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act century (DMCA) from Google Search. Surely you will be extremely insecure and worried in case you do not have experience for dealing with this information.

Refer to the notification image when being reported DMCA

DMCA Report Notice Image

DMCA Report Notice Image

These are notices that violated the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)” and were removed from Google Search. And in fact this is an extremely annoying, bad thing that has happened to a website, a business, an SEOers. And the result of this is that all keywords and links are reported by competitors and go to far places and if done incorrectly, they can go forever.

The purpose of the DMCA report is: the opponent is trying to push your website away from the top. In order for the opponent's website to climb to a high position on the search engines Bing, Google, .. Rest assured, you will be guided by HOSTAGY to restore what was lost in about 15 days.

DMCA Appeal Instructions – Remove DMCA Report

When you are reported, then your website management email will also receive the DMCA Millennium Copyright Act notice as I mentioned above. And you must make sure that your website must have google webmaster installed.

Access the webmaster tools to open those notifications using this link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/message-list?hl=vi

When you click on the link it will display an image like:

View DMCA report notice

View DMCA report notice

Next, you proceed to open the notification, you can see the detailed information reported by the opponent at this link: https://www.lumendatabase.org/

To petition, complain about DMCA report, click here "Notice of DMCA change" to open a form to fill in DMCA complaint information as shown below:

click here "DMCA Exchange Notice"

Click here “DMCA Change Notice”

In addition, you can click on this link to fill out the DMCA complaint and appeal notice form here:


DMCA Complaint Form

DMCA Complaint Form

Your job is to fill out the information and submit.

A few important notes

There are a few important things you should keep in mind in the DMCA complaint form: You andPlease provide more details to verify your claim is correct: you should provide “all” to them with accurate information about the authorship of the article that is you. And when did you write that article? And when is your competitor's article? Next, you prove that your site's article is published first. From there, Google will have specific evidence to handle your appeal and complaint accurately and quickly. After you have filled in all the information and then click on the submit button to send.

About a few days, after sending you will receive a receiving email from the DMCA unit. And the content of your appeal request notice is being processed. In case you send any information they don't understand they send it back to you. And when you receive an email that says: “As described in 17 U.S.C. 512(g), we will forward the counter notification to the complainant. If we do not receive notice that the complainant has brought a court action within 10 to 14 days, we will reinstate the material in question.This means your request has been received. Your job waits for 0-14 days. When the request is successful, your keyword and article link will appear on Google's search engine.

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