How to Install Let'S Encrypt™ Free SSL Certificate on CPanel Hosting

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Let's Encrypt is one of the best free SSL providers available today. Let's Encrypt Allows direct installation on Direct Admin and cPanel with just 1 click.


Step 1: Log in to your cPanel Account

To be able to enable SSL Let's Encrypt on cPanel, You must have a cPanel account with Addone built in Let's Encrypt SSL.

Please login and type in the search box in cPanel. Type in the SSL search box or navigate to the Security section. If there is an SSL like this, the Hosting has built-in SSL.

let encrypt cpanel

Step 2:

After Clicking on "Lets Encrypt SSL, you will be redirected to a page with a list of active / inactive let encrypt domains. Click the "+ Issue" sign to select SSL settings for each specific domain.

Issue a new certificate

Step 3:

Then you select the domain / subdomain to install ssl and issue issue

Installing certificate

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Step 4:

If You receive this message then congratulations, You have completed the installation of SSL Lets Encrypt on cPanel
note: You need to point your domain name to Hosting at least 2 hours before you can activate SSL Let Authentication. The DNS update process may take longer than 1 day. So if the installation fails please try again in a few hours.


>> If there is no green color in your browser, read this article: Instructions for installing green https with Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate

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