How To Generate CSR Key On DirectAdmin Hosting (To Install SSL Certificate)

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To install an SSL certificate, you must first generate a CSR key. In the content of this article Hosting Viet will guide you how to create a CSR key on DirectAdmin (DA) Hosting. Follow along now!

Steps to create CSR file on DirectAdmin

1. Log in to DirectAdmin with the user accountif it is an admin account, switch back to the user account first.

2. Mục Advanced Features -> chọn "SL Certificates"

  Advanced Features chọn SL Certificates

>>See more: License Directadmin what?

3. Select "Create a Certificate Request" and enter the required information as instructed below:

Information to be filled in the form below:
* Country: VN (Capital letters)
* State: Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi or province name without accents
* City: Enter the district name without accents, for example District 1
* Company: Enter the company name in English, or Vietnamese without accents. Note: Type the same as in the license, and do not use initials.
* Company division: Nhập IT Department

Create A Certificate Request

Note: - E-mail please fill in the form 5 email below to be able to approve the SSL provider and fill in the correct SSL registration domain. Because when buying SSL, the DV provider only sends vafo 1 of the 5 email formats below.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

4. Click Save at the bottom right corner
After Click save, DirectAdmin will automatically run and generate a code. This code You must save, because it is needed later for configuration.
Please note: Copy this code in its entirety, do not add or remove characters.
Note: If the Key file has not been returned in the text box as above, please return to the page as step 3 to copy the Key file again.

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