FileZilla FTP Connection Software User Guide

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FileZilla Client is a program that supports transferring data files between personal computers and web servers via the Internet using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Filezilla software gives us a lot of utilities. In this article Hosting Viet will guide you through an overview of how to use Filezilla. Follow along!

1. How to connect to an FTP server.

a. Use the Quick Connect bar.

To connect to an FTP server, you need to fill in all the information in the Quick Connect bar including Host, User name, Pass word, Port. If it is a special type of server like an SFTP server then you need to add protocols in front of the address, for example for an SFTP server the address will start with 'SFTP://'. Enter the port (Port) of the server in the Port field if it is not the default port (21 for FTP and 22 for SFTP). After you have filled in all the information, press Enter or press the Quick Connect button to connect to the server.

Instructions for using Filezilla

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b. Use Site Manager.

You can use Site Manager to save login information and manage FTP accounts. Site Manager allows you to store information and configure parameters better than Quick Connect.

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c. Special case: servers located in LAN.

If your server is on a LAN connection then you can simply use the internal IP addresses of the host computer. If it's similar to a PC like FileZilla you can even use localhost or as hostname.

2. Navigate on the server

After successful connection you will see the data on the Host will appear on the right hand side of the control panel. The name of the directory will appear at the top and the directory tree containing the directories located in the host will appear at the bottom.
To access the folders on the host you can do it in 2 ways:
- Type the folder name in the Remote Site box and then press Enter.
- Click a folder in the directory tree or Double-click the folder you want to change. Managing folders on Filezlla is the same as on a regular computer.

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3. Navigate on your computer

Desktop navigation works almost like server navigation, the desktop folders and local folder tree are on the left hand side of the workbook.

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4. Synchronous browsing

If you have a directory structure in your computer that is identical to that in your server, you can use synchronous browsing. This function means that any directory redirection on a single machine will be automatically mirrored.
To enable this function, go to Site Manager -> select the Advanced tab, make sure that the default local folders and remote folders have the same structure, then tick the box "use synchronized browsing" and then press Connect.

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5. Compare folders

To quickly see the difference between two folders on the computer and on the server, select View -> Directory Comparison and then choose one of the two comparison features: "compare filesize" and "Compare filesize" compare modification time” (compare modification time), finally you select Enable to see the difference between the 2 folders.

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6. Transfer files

You can Upload or Download a file by right-clicking on the file -> select Download or Upload and they will automatically do it. (You can refer to how to upload and download files for more information.)

7. Reduce concurrent connections for improperly configured servers

If you receive too many 421 error messages, it means that your FTP server is limiting the limit of connections, to resolve this situation, follow these steps:
- Mở File Manager.
- Create an entry for the server and then enter your full details.
- Mở tab “Transfer Settings”.
- Tick vào ô “Limit number of simultaneous connections”
- Enter the connection limit in the "Maximum number of connections" box.
- Press Ok to finish.

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