Causes And How To Fix Website Redirection

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Currently, there are many situations where the website is being redirected unexpectedly. Especially accessing a certain website when clicking from google search. Because there are many such reasons, you need to know what causes your website to be redirected. from which to have appropriate and thorough treatment for each case. This is due to the following main reasons. Follow the article to learn how to fix the above situation!

website bi chuyen huong

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Do File .htaccess

The telltale sign is that the entire url or some urls are redirected to another page. Maybe due to the process of changing the .htaccess file, the administrator forgot to change the content, so he redirected to another website. In this case, you just need to reconfigure it. Or maybe malicious code interferes and changes .htaccess.
If due to malicious code, then you need to use copyrighted malware scanning software, based on personal experience to remove malicious code.

Because the website is inserted malicious code

This is the most common cause today. Many websites have extremely poor security, because programmers inadvertently leave security holes. either because the latest version has not been updated (for open source code), or the most common error in Vietnam is the use of the theme, plugin "Pagoda". You must know that the themes shared on the network are not natural but it is free, the possibility is very high that the Hacker has pre-installed malicious code on the theme / website / plugin and then shared it. 1 WRONG opinion of people is that seeing the website running means that there is no malicious code, or "my web has nothing to hack" => The correct answer here is that Hacker "NOT" do anything. like incubation. Until a new hacker takes advantage of malicious code to "do" your website, oh well, then you only have to destroy and rebuild the website. 1 more possible cause is due to "hacked server" This rate is VERY small, and if the server has cloudlinux installed, cross-hacking the server / hosting is impossible. Or the more "sloppy" cause is that you set the password (Hosting/ftp/DB, writing account) too easily, you will be detected password in 1 note. Refer to the article on password detection
Back to the main issue here is your web review being redirected because of malicious code on the web?
A very simple sign is that on all devices (computers, phones) and on many different browsers in 2 different devices the web is also redirected => 99% of the malicious code is on your website already. !
Handling measures:
Remove malicious code from the web
* Have the Hosting provider restore the data
* Ask the website designer to re-upload the old source, update the new version, patch the security hole
* Or make a new website and transfer data to a new website

Because the browser installs an addon (extension) with a redirection mechanism, or because there is a software installed on the web with a redirection feature

Recognizing signs:
Only Your computer/device is redirected. other devices are not redirected.
In this case You need to check if the browser has installed any strange addon / extension or not. and delete it
Similar to the computer being installed with strange software. Just uninstall the software
Your computer should have anti-virus software installed. If You want to use free antivirus software, Use Kaspersky Copyright software completely free of charge

Due to expired website / domain name

The most common are expired domain names. Your website will be redirected to the auction or vendor site.
This case is simple, You just need to renew it!

Due to other reasons leading to the website being redirected

Some errors due to DNS or running out of 3G space... But these errors rarely happen.
Also, if you encounter any more errors, please comment or contact Hostagy for support!

The easiest fix for all the above errors

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