10 important factors when designing a business website

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Website design in general, especially when corporate website design in particular, need to be paid special attention to. The website is not only the face of the business to customers, but also the best and fastest way to reach customers, both active and passive. Today's article will provide readers with important elements in business web design. Let's find out together!

Important notes in business web design

With these important notes, not only web designers care, but businesses also need to pay attention to take care of their website and serve their purpose to be able to control and develop their website. Learn important notes in Web design enterprise.

1. Website structure

The first thing you need to do is outline all the main categories of your website content. So, you can determine what elements your website needs to have and how it should be built and developed. For example, a website that provides information about economic books, you need to classify separate categories to classify different types of books such as: management, marketing, law, import-export, finance accounting, etc. Again you think of subcategories like in marketing books with basic marketing, advertising, direct marketing, international marketing, market research, etc.

2. Invest in website content

Understand the ways in which customers will find your product in the market. From there, find out many different assumptions and arguments, then experiment and learn from experience to make the most reasonable adjustments. You need to have a good preparation, good technical methods for your website to be in the top 10 in search results on google, etc. Business website design need to pay attention to both aspects: how the content is arranged to match the search engine and the content must be suitable for the visitor.

Website design content building

Website design content creation

3. Define title (title), keywords, content description

Meta Tags also known as metadata tags include 3 main types: title, website description and keywords. Rated as the most important is the title in the 3 types of meta tags above. This factor not only helps to increase the search rate, access through google search results, but also creates an impact on the search engine with the right words and keyword groups. Usually, the title should include the word or group of keywords that you position for your business website. Meta tags should be selected and used from keywords and key groups related to website content and appear evenly throughout the content. Usually, the number of occurrences of a word or keyword group in a website should not appear more than 3 times, because more than that, the effect will not be high. The meta description tag is also very important because many search engines are interested in this tag, in addition, it acts as a description of the overall website content to help visitors easily choose. Websites that match what you're looking for.

4. Use some techniques carefully

An extremely important factor is that you need to design so that the "spiderbot" of the search engines can easily find the main categories in the simplest and easiest way. Therefore, the case of excessive abuse of website design techniques such as flash, frame, etc. makes it difficult for search engines to read the website's data. Therefore, the position and ranking of the website will also be limited accordingly. More specifically, when using flash and frames, the user will be able to see all the content, but the search engines see it as a blank page and cannot read the content.

5. Make a site map (site map)

In fact, designing a sitemap – site map will be extremely useful for search spiders and users. In addition, the logical arrangement of all HTML links including keywords and word groups is effective. In addition, this sitemap must be able to connect the entire system of the website.

Make a site map (site map)

Make a site map (site map)

6. Keep the site light

The best pages linking from the homepage should only have between 350 and 550 words, contributing to search engine optimization. You should divide into different pages, when the content of a page is too long, but you should keep the original layout. In addition, there are some search engine systems that will often ignore the corporate website design over 100 Kb in size. Therefore, you need to find a way to minimize the size of your website.

7. Ensure consistency

Website design must ensure consistency to make the spiders simple and easy to find the content. In addition, for the images and videos in the website, users should name them appropriately with the content of the website and with each page's own keywords. Typically, search engine optimization goals need to be consistent and consistent across your website.

8. Research on competitors

Currently, people often complete their own website to have a higher position on the Google rankings. In addition, to achieve greater efficiency, businesses should research and select high-ranking websites with their keywords and keyword groups to understand how they work? doing? And why do these sites have a higher rank than me?. From there, create a “competitor research table,” list some major competitors, and conduct research with keyword groups that are specific to your niche and commodity market.

9. Build, measure and calibrate

In case, you really value the position and ranking of your website in the google search engines, you need to prepare some adjustments and changes to make the most reasonable. To see if your work is effective, you have to wait 6 months to see the results. Users should navigate to the website with the goal of facilitating search spiders and visitors.

10. Focus on certain search engines

search tools

search tools

Putting your business website on too many search engines, you should be careful. To have a high position on google, it is necessary to have a clear direction, a thorough plan along with the use of code, massive registration of search engines, one thing not to do. You need to know how to read traffic through, website traffic to each search engine.

Steps to prepare when designing a business website

Collecting information: First you need to clearly define what the purpose of this website is, whether it is used to advertise products, contact customers or it can be both. In addition, you also need to clearly define the target group that can visit the website, set your business goals to be able to give appropriate comments, information, and images to attract customers. that potential. In addition, the content your website intends to post: is it introducing products, providing services or ordering information online...

Planning: After collecting information from the available information, a website map will be extremely necessary, highlighting the main areas that the business is targeting, besides the main areas of the business. website features and sub-themes. In addition, a complete plan will include the form factors you will apply, including technology, e-commerce, interactive forms, etc.

Website Design: The current task now is to sketch out a suitable interface demo idea for corporate website design after both of the above preparations. The most important factor is who the website is aiming to be viewed. When designing a logo or using age-appropriate colors, it is much more effective to clearly capture the psychology of the visitor. During this stage, communication between the designer and the business is extremely important, which can provide an opportunity for you to discuss your views on the overall site of the website to find an exact solution. best.

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